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Severance pay laws by state 2023

Summary There are no state or federal laws regarding severance pay. Organizations might...

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HR Administration

What does floating holiday mean? Guide + Template

Summary A floating holiday is a paid day off that an employee can use at their discreti...

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Workplace Culture

A guide to writing employee performance reviews

Summary Provide employees with clear, constructive, and actionable feedback. Give emplo...

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Staffing Management

The staffing shortage will be permanent

Most hourly staff businesses have struggled with labor shortages since the pandemic. Go...

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Your guide to jury duty laws by state

Summary:  Federal law doesn’t require employers to provide employees leave, compensatio...

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Staffing Management

Task Management 101: Advantages and Best Practices for Hourly Staff

Summary Task management breaks down projects into smaller, more manageable duties. Shif...

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Employee Engagement

How to improve internal communications with your hourly workers

Summary Two-way communication is the most effective form of communication.  Achieve bot...

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Time and Attendance

What is shift differential pay? 5 tips to implement it right

Summary Shift differential pay is additional compensation for staff who work hours outs...

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8 hospitality industry trends and statistics you should know

Summary The hospitality industry is growing at a steady rate. – More Hospitality busine...

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