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Automatically prompt staff to add their personal and bank details, as well as submit I-9s and W4s. No more paper forms, manager back and forth, or delayed start dates.

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Keep things simple.

On their first day, new hires want to focus on their job duties, not endless paperwork. And you want to provide a good onboarding experience without holding up incoming talent. So, we made onboarding simple - by making it 100% mobile.

Mobile first for higher engagement

Start the onboarding process where it’s easiest for people - on their phones. Eliminate tedious new hire paperwork with an app-based workflow that maximizes employee self-service and minimizes job dissatisfaction and abandonment.

Streamlined employee onboarding checklists

On day one, make things easy for new hires and for yourself. Gather all the information you need through mobile self-service checklists for every new employee. Easily collect contact information, personal details, and more without anything slipping through the cracks.

Everything needed for payroll - in one place

Condense the most important part of your onboarding program into a single app. Gather all the information you need to pay staff accurately, including W-4s, bank details, and I-9s, quickly and without friction.

Collect forms & store documents online

Familiarize new staff with company values and culture with extensive document management. Send out employment forms, an employee handbook, or training materials, and require acknowledgment to remain compliant with company policies and state labor standards.

“The app itself, once you get in, it’s easy. I mean, it literally blows your mind.”

- Tawny Williams, HR Manager, Streets Team Enterprises

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does Workforce.com’s onboarding software cost?

To find out what will work best for your business, request a quote via our pricing page.

How does effective onboarding improve the employee experience?

A confusing and drawn-out onboarding process gives a very poor first impression to a new hire. Human resources should look to streamline onboarding from start to finish in order to keep the employee invested in their new role and company. The easiest way to do this is to utilize mobile self-service features - doing this empowers the end-user and makes the most out of the technology they have in their pocket on a daily basis.

What should onboarding look like during the first week of employment?

The administrative side of onboarding should take no longer than the employee’s first day. New hires should be able to fill out all the information HR needs in as little time as possible so they can get to work. How the rest of the week is up to you. Usually, the remaining 4 days are spent on employee orientation - this could take the form of training, team-building exercises, or co-worker shadowing.

How does Workforce.com’s onboarding benefit my HR team?

In two ways. First, it eliminates a lot of the administrative work HR needs to do when onboarding new hires. With extensive self-service features, staff can complete and submit all of the necessary information needed for onboarding right from the Workforce.com app. Second, Workforce.com prevents delayed start dates. Its simple checklist system and mobile functionality make it much easier for staff to complete onboarding in time for their official first day of work.

Does better onboarding improve my employee engagement levels?

Of course! Efficient and user-friendly onboarding helps employees fill out employment information much more quickly. It also helps establish a company culture of high engagement from the outset whenever a new team member joins the company.

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