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Built for hourly workforces

Forecast demand, auto-guide labor levels, track attendance, simplify HR and process pay - all in
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All-in-One Workforce Management

Most old school HR & Payroll systems aren't designed to handle the complexities of managing an hourly staff workforce. It often means you’re forced to use a variety of tools with multiple log-ins, constant cross-referencing between systems, and tedious data re-entry.

That’s why we built exclusively for businesses with hourly workforces from day one. It means your scheduling talks with your attendance, HRIS, and payroll natively embed together. One login, no double entry, and complete visibility into your hourly workforce.

Automatically calculate complex pay rates

Pay differentials, overtime, and pay rates by location and role are calculated based on scheduled roles and clocked times. It means you can automate manual pay calculations pre-payroll.

Eliminate double entry

With mobile self-service, staff can update their personal details, apply for time off, and access their paystubs & W2s. This way you won’t have to re-enter info from emails to your HRIS ever again.

Stop being short staffed

Do more with limited resources. Strategically use scheduling and HR together to backfill call-outs, identify at-risk staff, and get more applicants, so you’re never shorthanded.

75% decrease

in time spent scheduling with the Winnipeg Jets

12% increase

sales per labor hour for Domino's pizza

85% decrease

in administrative work for The Amenity Collective

450% ROI

total economic impact reported by Forrester

Tools, Tips, and Best Practices for Hourly Workforces

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Human capital management

that works for every team


“’s alert system and native dashboards help us identify real-time challenges – managers understand exactly where their workforce is at all times and where they need to fill gaps.”

Dan Cohen Amenity Collective


“When it comes to human resources, has really streamlined and made things easier for our employees, for our managers, and for our administrators across all levels.”

Nicole Grube LIVunLtd


“ gives us the ability to really dive deep into individual labor costs and cashflow projections – we’re able to dissect different locations and teams to find out where our pain points might be.”

Christine Kavic Lake Elsinore


“Being able to pull accurate timesheets and reports allows us to quickly process payroll – the speed at which we're able to do things now is so much better.”

Elizabeth Watts COVIDCheck


“’s interface allows our operations team to go in and modify things when they need to without having to rely on the IT team.”

Steven Fickus Amenity Collective


“ gives me a direct connection to the field – this transparency helps our retention and employee experience, ultimately creating more loyalty. ”

Jeff Shipman Heartline Fitness

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