Hire, schedule, and pay
your staff in one system.

Hire, schedule, and pay your staff in one system.

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Everything you need for managing shift workers – in one place. From onboarding to payroll, find out how you’ll optimize labor costs and minimize employee churn at every level.

  • Onboard Employees & Manage Records

  • Schedule Staff to Demand

  • Track Engagement & Performance

  • Track Timesheets & Run Payroll

  • All Staff Data in One System

A shift-based workforce approach

Most of your workforce is shift based - so why use technology designed for 9-5 office workers?

You’ll notice these white-collar systems have subpar scheduling, tedious timesheets, and email focused engagement tools. Maybe worst of all, they create a disconnect between Operations, HR, and Payroll.

They’re an all-in-one system, but only for salaried staff. That’s why we decided to build the only HCM designed specifically for shift-based workforces.

It means we tackle short staffing, high employee turnover, and stagnating productivity head-on - not just assuming it’s part of the industry. And it means we design our software differently, with mobile-first features and real-time insights.

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Human capital management that works for every team


“Workforce.com’s alert system and native dashboards help us identify real-time challenges – managers understand exactly where their workforce is at all times and where they need to fill gaps.”

Dan Cohen

Amenity Collective


“When it comes to human resources, Workforce.com has really streamlined and made things easier for our employees, for our managers, and for our administrators across all levels.”

Nicole Grube



“Being able to pull accurate timesheets and reports allows us to quickly process payroll – the speed at which we're able to do things now is so much better.”

Elizabeth Watts



“Workforce.com gives us the ability to really dive deep into individual labor costs and cashflow projections – we’re able to dissect different locations and teams to find out where our pain points might be.”

Christine Kavic

Lake Elsinore Storm


“Workforce.com’s interface allows our operations team to go in and modify things when they need to without having to rely on the IT team.”

Stevan Fickus

Amenity Collective


“Workforce.com gives me a direct connection to the field – this transparency helps our retention and employee experience, ultimately creating more loyalty. ”

Jeff Shipman

Heartline Fitness

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