Labor Forecasting Software

Eliminate guesswork with 41% more accurate

Import demand data like weather, historical sales, and foot traffic so you can schedule staff without over or under staffing. Use machine learning to compare and train forecasts to become more accurate over time.

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Generate demand predictions

Automatically account for sales, weather, seasonality, foot traffic, and more to predict customer demand.

Forecast labor requirements

Quickly identify how many shifts, hours, and staff you’ll need every day to meet demand and reduce over and under staffing

Deploy optimized schedules

Build and populate schedules in minutes that best meet your forecasted requirements.

Analyze demand from external sources

  • Integrate with your external POS or demand planning system and input customer data like historical sales, orders, and foot traffic.

  • Automatically account for external factors like weather, holidays, events, and more.

  • Capture fluctuating demand patterns associated with weekdays, seasonality, and economic trends.

Use AI to forecast 40% more accurately

  • Use richer data inputs to generate demand predictions more accurately than any other simple demand forecasting method.

  •’s machine learning algorithm trains and aggregates multiple models to predict demand up to four weeks out.

Determine how many staff you really need

  • Optimize your workforce management with forecasting tools that determine exactly where people need to be and when they need to be there.

  • Create a labor model detailing the exact ratio of staff needed per role to meet demand throughout the day, every day, at 15-minute intervals.

  • Breakdown forecasts by team and location, seeing for each the number of employees, type of roles, and amount of shifts needed for proper coverage.

Schedule in one click based on your forecast

  • Automatically build and populate a schedule based on your labor forecast with One-Click Scheduling.

  • accounts for employee time off, availability, qualifications, and skills to ensure every shift is filled by best-fit staff.

  • Visualize sales and labor levels in real-time, ensuring optimal staff allocation during times of peak demand.

Smart forecasting that continuously improves your bottom line

Get the results you need without any of the guesswork.’s tested and proven AI does all the complicated number crunching in the background so your business can focus on what matters most.

Reduce labor costs

Plan ahead and stick to your budget.’s labor forecasting systematically eliminates inefficiencies like overstaffing and needless overtime costs.

Improve customer satisfaction

Maintain high-quality customer experience and satisfaction by forecasting where and when you’ll need staff on hand to meet frontline service needs.

Identify and fulfill labor needs

See where your labor supply falls short and find people with the right qualifications and availability to fulfill those needs.'s forecasting shows you gaps in your workforce and talent pool, helping you hire more intentionally.

Prevent employee burnout

Never go another shift understaffed. forecasts and schedules the right number of employees, with the right roles, at the right times, ensuring demand is met and teams are fully staffed.

2,000 full time staff 10,000 seasonal workers

Case Study: reducing overtime
and admin work

In under a year, the Amenity Collectivereduced overtime
by 50% and admin work by 85% with

“Leveraging a platform like allows us to forecast labor unique to specific locations and then auto-schedule to that data … We now have a systemized way of automatically fulfilling demand.”

— Adam Chen, CIO, Amenity Collective

Integrate with your POS or external demand forecasting provider

Import historical sales metrics from your point-of-sale system of choice, or, use your own external demand forecaster and upload forecasted demand data via CSV.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is labor forecasting software?

Labor forecasting software is a function of workforce management that uses AI and machine learning to accurately match staffing levels to predicted customer demand.

How do I forecast labor?

The first step is to create an accurate forecast for demand using historical data, economic trends, and external patterns. From there, a labor demand model is created that determines the optimal ratio of staff needed to meet the predicted demand. This labor model is then applied to the scheduling process, automatically building out a schedule that prevents inefficiencies like overstaffing, understaffing, and much more.

How do I forecast demand?

Demand forecasting works by feeding both customer data (sales, orders, transactions, etc.) and external data (weather, holidays, events, etc.) into mathematical models. These models then learn the relationship between variables to create demand predictions.

How do I prevent understaffing?

You can avoid persistent understaffing by using AI labor forecasting to map staffing levels to predicted demand. By knowing four weeks out what your expected sales are every day and for every shift, it’s easy to ensure the right number of employees are working at the right times.

Does labor forecasting reduce my compliance risk?

It absolutely can. Labor forecasting uses machine learning to match staffing levels to predicted demand, helping you create highly efficient schedules. This means you’ll never accidentally go over an employee’s maximum hours or incur unnecessary overtime hours.

How much time does labor forecasting take?

The goal of labor forecasting software is to save your administrative workers time and enhance your frontline decision making.’s forecasting does all the legwork for you, featuring advanced AI functionality that generates predictions and models forecasts in minutes.

What size businesses typically use’s forecasting?

While both small businesses and multinational enterprises alike use, our platform is best suited for shift-based organizations with 50-10,000 staff primarily within the retail, hospitality, and healthcare industries.

Where can I find more information about labor forecasting?

Glad you asked! Check out our blog post on the labor forecasting equation, read one of our many whitepapers on employee management, or watch one of our webinars on How to Forecast Your Schedule Based on Demand.

Why is labor forecasting critical to workforce scheduling?

Scheduling becomes faster, more accurate, and more efficient when paired with labor forecasting. Accurate forecasts eliminate uncertainty in the scheduling process, drilling down exactly how many and what kind of employees are needed to meet predicted demand. By integrating labor forecasting with your employee scheduling software, you can automatically build and populate a schedule based on your forecasted demand and labor model.

How much does labor forecasting software cost?

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