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Workforce.com is built to make the hiring, scheduling, paying and managing hourly staffed teams as simple as possible. It’s in our DNA.

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How It Got Started..

In 2012, the QUT student association was grappling with an operating loss of over one million dollars with a 100 page union wage agreement, paper timesheets and schedules and a payroll system from the 80's. It managed eighty hourly staff that ran six different campus businesses.

After going to market to purchase a workforce management solution they found not only were the options outdated, expensive with large upfront hardware and costs but most were built for white-collar industries and were not appropriate for the specific requirements of shift employees and management.

The founders of workforce.com, being students and nerds (they are still nerds), decided to build it for free.

Fine-Tuning Operations for Maximum Results

Our approach to workforce success brought about a two million dollar turnaround to the original association within a year, produced 10x the work with a third of the staff and a world record to boot. It’s since brought similar results to the thousands of businesses we’ve implemented, partnered, acquired, or seeded.

With a lack of options, most businesses are stuck using manual workarounds or old, disconnected systems that don’t keep up with modern demands. By making these operations easier, more predictable and efficient we can help keep the ship steady in winds of change whilst increasing the confidence and investment in growth.

The world is run by those who show up and clock in.

A Problem Worth Solving

Hourly employee environments mean labor is both the largest variable expense and directly impacts profitability and scale. They say ‘No money, no mission’, so a system or process that could maximize the effort of our team and give them the tools to do their jobs easier, faster with more accountability was needed.

Whilst giving HQ insight and benchmarking capabilities? That both reduced labor cost as a % of revenue and increased productivity and satisfaction of frontline staff? In a simple UI that employees loved to use and made their jobs easier?

We hope our efforts can bring the same transformation for you

Our Customers

Twelve years later we work with businesses across the world, from mom and pop shops to F500, which all deal with the common complexities of managing a shift-based workforce. Workforce.com eliminates friction and automates this admin work whilst allowing operators to run more efficiently and build towards the next horizon of growth.

10,000+ workforce transformations across 110 countries

The Lesser Known History of Workforce

Before the Workforce brand was acquired in 2019, it was a media and publishing company invested in researching the latest trends in HR and workforce management. The origins of which began as a research journal in 1922 established by James R Angell, President of Yale and Carnegie Corp. It was a monthly clearinghouse of the most advanced theory by a fraternity of business, engineers, unions and academics with the idea of those who hold the best labor strategy, win.

Click here to read Journal of Personnel Research. Vol. 1, No. 1

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