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We make software
for shift-based workforces

Many businesses employ a majority of their staff as shift workers, yet they use tools and processes designed for corporate workers. We decided to do something about this mismatch.

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Our Vision

Running your shift-based workforce with technology designed for office workers may have sufficed in the past. After all, it was better than doing things manually – but things probably never felt right. Constant MacGyvering and manual workarounds to handle subpar scheduling, tedious timesheets, and prolongue pay runs result in a sluggish system, unresponsive to the last-minute chaos of shift work.

You can’t afford this kind of outdated approach to managing your workforce. Staffing shortages are becoming permanent, labor costs keep increasing, productivity is flat-lining, and labor laws are becoming increasingly complex.

Workforce.com got its start in Australia, home to the world’s highest minimum wage and most complex labor laws – meaning we’re battle-tested in the harshest labor environment and a sure bet when it comes to handling shift work.

Our Customers

We work with 10,000 businesses across the world, from mom and pop shops to F500 companies. And what do they have in common? They all deal with the complexities of managing a shift-based workforce. Workforce.com eliminates friction and automates the admin work these businesses hate so they can focus on actually running operations more efficiently.

It’s the funding from these businesses, our customers, that helps continue the development of our product. Proudly 100% bootstrapped from the very beginning, we have never relied on outside funding; this means Workforce.com is only influenced by customer feedback and never by the puppet strings of Venture Capital or Private Equity.

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