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Empower your associates to do more on the floor for customers with flexible scheduling, easy time tracking, and real-time insights.

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The constant development and attention to customer requirements makes it ideal for any growing business. It's packed full of features and very comprehensive. - Administrator in Retail

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Forecast your demand levels

  • Pull data from your POS system to determine daily expected sales down to 15-minute intervals and never be caught unprepared during a holiday or weekend rush again.

  • Optimize forecasts with machine learning that accounts for weather, foot traffic, seasonality, and economic trends.

  • Use demand predictions to schedule associates more efficiently, eliminating over and understaffing for good.

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Streamline scheduling and communication

  • Build schedules faster than ever with customizable shift templates and auto-scheduling functionality.

  • Replace call-outs by offering up vacant shifts and approving shift swaps between associates - all from the palm of your hand.

  • Broadcast announcements by team or location to keep your entire workforce up to date on emergencies, schedule changes, training protocols, and more.

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Increase visibility and performance across locations

  • See who’s working where and pinpoint issues on the frontline with live updates on clock-ins, break times, wage costs, and staffing levels.

  • Create your own reports or use templates to view metrics on labor costs, absences, and more.

  • Use reporting insights to uncover where and when associates need training and development.

Promote user self-service and retention

  • Equip associates with a user-friendly mobile app that lets them clock-in, check their schedule, submit PTO, and request shift coverage with confidence.

  • Users can update banking, address, and contact info right from their phone, cutting down on human resources admin time.

  • Uncover communication and teamwork issues with immediate shift feedback every time a team member clocks out.

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Integrate with POS and payroll

Import your sales data and export timesheets seamlessly by integrating your other platforms with for faster, more efficient payroll processing and demand forecasting.

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