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Maximize hourly staff performance. Halve call-outs & late arrivals.

Identify top performers, categorize performance issues, and create action plans to boost productivity. Track hourly staff infractions with a points system so you can immediately address attendance issues across your workforce.

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Mobile first for high adoption.

Staff don’t want to log onto a computer - so don’t make them. Onboard staff and manage performance through user-friendly, mobile-first functionality that encourages high participation for better ROI on your performance management initiatives.

One-on-one evaluations.

Easily schedule performance reviews tailored to your operations. Check in with employees to discuss productivity targets, attendance, and skills development. Regularly scheduling reviews builds an audit trail of continuous feedback and communication with employees.

Assign points for attendance infractions

Increase accountability across your workforce with a points-based attendance policy that gives staff points for arriving late, leaving early, or never showing up to a shift. Track point accumulation to identify problem areas and prevent understaffed shifts.

Company-wide performance visibility.

Get complete visibility into employee performance across every team and location to identify workforce trends. Use attendance, skills, and sales data to identify where performance and productivity can be improved to make sure HR has a seat at the table.

Coaching that improves the bottom line.

Turn performance and skill gaps into action plans that track performance against productivity. These plans help employees visualize the impact their performance has on overall company success.

“With I’m able to review constant feedback regarding the good and the bad when it comes to management, team building, and motivation”

- Nicole Grube, HR Manager Amenity Collective

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does’s performance management system cost?

To find out what will work best for your business, request a quote via our pricing page.

My employees are afraid of performance evaluations. How do I use this software without scaring off valuable talent?

Performance management tools aren’t meant to be used for discipline. In fact, is more of an hourly employee engagement and development platform. It fits within shift-based workflows seamlessly so that reviewing and improving performance is easy, stress-free, and actually helpful. Use it to identify issues hindering an employee's growth, offer constructive feedback, reduce biases and discrimination, and reveal areas for career development.

How does the performance review process work in

Supervisors can choose to create performance review plans for any individual employee. Once an employee is selected, they can pick a date and time for the review. The employee is then notified of the scheduled review and it is added to their calendar. Managers can use the time to discuss performance metrics, development plans, skill competency, goal setting, and much more.

Does’s performance management help with goal tracking?

HR professionals can use performance reviews in conjunction with the skills management module in to better understand what kind of goals team members want to set for themselves. For instance, if an employee wants to improve their skill in customer service, they can track that skill over time, and managers can use review cycles to have a conversation and update that skill rating to determine how far along an employee is to achieving their goal.

Can I use this system for succession planning?

Your HR team can use things like performance reports and annual reviews to communicate with an employee whether or not they are on track to take over a managerial position. Use these assessment opportunities to establish a plan for how top talent rises through the ranks of your company.

Does this performance management solution come with any HR software integrations?

Yes, you can integrate with any HRIS, payroll, or people management system you currently use. Simply import your staff list directly into to start using the talent management module, no tedious data reentry required!

Can I use performance tracking to improve my employee experience?

The performance management process is a great way for human resources to enhance employee development, which in turn improves their experience. Optimizing how, where, and when performance reviews occur goes a long way in making staff feel comfortable and truly valued at your company. Setting aside time to streamline how employee goals and needs are met keeps high-performing teams invested in what they are doing, and spurs low-performing teams to take action.

Does have a mobile app?

Yes, the app is free to download and can be used by employees to clock in and out, check their schedules, request time off, receive performance review updates, and review goal management objectives.

What makes's performance management so unique?

We’re glad you asked. In short, it’s designed first and foremost for hourly, shift-based workforces. Unlike platforms like Lattice, PerformYard, BambooHR, and ClearCompany, prioritizes an agile and streamlined approach to performance reviews - because hourly workers don’t have time to sit through constant, white-collar, performance meetings.

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