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55 locations

onboarded within 6 weeks at COVIDCheck Colorado.

100% increase

in revenue per customer for Lake Elsinore Storm.

10 hours saved

in administrative time per week for Greenforce Staffing.


clock-ins in the first two weeks of onboarding with REEF.
Working together

We partner with customers to implement results, not software. is the fastest-moving workforce management platform, and committed to delivering real results on the frontline.

How we set up 55 sites in 6 weeks with COVIDCheck Colorado


With 55 testing sites and over 2,000 frontline workers across their entire state, COVIDCheck Colorado needed a workforce management platform fast, so they could effectively manage the distribution of tests and vaccines across the state.


We worked with the team to get core locations onboarded in the first two weeks, then inproved workflows while rolling out to the remaining sites. Within 6 weeks, all sites were set up, enabling the distribution of 300,000 vaccines, and 800,000 tests.

How we helped Lake Elsinore Storm cut labor spend in real time


The Storm wanted to be able to staff based on demand, and efficiently handle shift replacements. Unfortunately, management had little control over tracking and reducing labor costs and they could not predict cash flow accurately.


We set up the team with our Live Wage Tracker, giving management the ability to control labor costs in real time, avoiding unnecessary overtime. Our shift replacement tools helped managers fill last minute vacant shifts with ease.

How we built advanced reporting to level up invoicing at Greenforce


Greenforce found themselves struggling to efficiently fulfill labor requests, having to juggle variables like employee certifications, labor costs, and shift preferences. They also needed to benchmark labor spend against fixed retainers.


Working algside the team we created a custom invoicing report, allowing management to view the billing rate against their profit margin. Streamlined scheduling and attendance then empowered Greenforce to efficiently deploy workers.

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