HR Analytics & Reporting

End-to-end visibility into your workforce.

Get real-time insight into labor costs and attendance. View and customize reports on performance, pay runs, and more.

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Pinpoint attendance issues

  • Monitor who's at work with a live time clock feed and assign points for late clock-ins. Review attendance point reports and punctuality percentages across all teams to find and fix recurring late arrivals.

Improve your lowest performing teams

  • Compare attendance, wage as a percentage of revenue, and cost variances between teams and locations to better understand where to improve labor efficiency.

Control your labor costs

  • Track wage costs, work hours, and staffing levels in real-time across your workforce. Make adjustments based on variances, mitigating things like overtime and overstaffing. Review cost reports after every pay run to see how your labor spend is trending.


Prevent burnout & turnover

  • Prompt staff to review shifts when they clock out and gauge workplace sentiment over time. Act on this feedback through performance check-ins and regularly analyze progress to improve job satisfaction.

Customize to your needs

  • Make your most important reports easy to find and organize them how you want on a drag-and-drop dashboard. Log in and immediately track, filter, and configure your analytics without restrictions so you can react faster to frontline issues.

What's Included

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  • Live Timeclock Feed

    Attendance Point Reports

    Shift Feedback

    Labor Cost Metrics

  • Customizable Widget Dashboard

    Payroll Reporting

    Cost Timelines

    Performance Reports

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