Employee schedules created in minutes.

Build schedules, optimize your staffing levels, manage labor costs, and ensure labor compliance in one powerful employee scheduling solution.

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Data-driven scheduling in a few clicks

  • Workforce.com integrates with your existing systems to capture data to create cost-effective schedules.

  • Optimize your schedules according to historical sales data to determine how many employees you need at a particular time, day, and location.

  • Create schedule templates and apply them to an employee or team whenever you need them.

Take control of labor costs with real-time data

  • Equip managers to make informed decisions. They can see wage costs in real-time and adjust staffing levels as needed.

  • Stay on budget and see costs per team, per week, or per location in real time.

Quickly fill staffing gaps in case of no-shows

  • When employees aren’t able to work a shift, offer it to other staff to make sure it gets covered.

  • Managers can choose to broadcast an open shift to all available staff or offer it to select employees.

  • See costs shown against all potential swaps and stay in control of wage costs.

Inform staff quickly

  • Inform your team of new work, schedules and any shift changes via the Workforce.com scheduling app, email, or SMS.

  • Use custom fields to include reminders and other valuable information about each shift.

Identify trends in the employee scheduling data

  • Create reports based on key metrics such as shift count, shift costs, scheduled hours, wage as a % of revenue, sales per labor hour, and predicted sales.

  • Analyze employee scheduling data based on any duration, from an entire week to a specific day.

  • Reflect your organization hierarchy in the system and create reports across unlimited custom dimensions.

Proven employee scheduling software in 10,000+ staff deployments

Staff scheduling is key to effective workforce management. Our employee scheduling solution is easy to use yet filled with features for growing your business.

Give managers the right tools.

Equip managers to build shifts, stay on top of labor costs, and make quick and informed decisions for optimizing staffing levels and operations.

Avoid overspending.

Save on labor costs without compromising productivity. We make it easy to spot areas where you can potentially overspend.

Prioritize compliance.

Automate labor compliance when building work schedules. Quickly address potential violations or penalties when scheduling employees.

Ensure visibility among teams.

Avoid miscommunication by providing staff a single view of their schedule. Notify them of new schedules, shift changes, and other important information.

A two-week implementation story

Case Study: Increasing revenue

Domino’s Israel saved 25,000 hours in 6 months and increased sales per labor hour by 11% with Workforce.com.

" For me, it’s a revolution. We saw good progress in the efficiency of our stores."

— Aerie Elbaz, COO, Domino’s Israel

Integrate with your POS, payroll, and HR systems

Integrate your current tools with our system for faster, more efficient workforce management operations, while providing robust scheduling & attendance for frontline teams.

Learn about how it works, see how customers felt before & after, or if you're ready to get started —

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Employee & Workforce Scheduling Software?

The best employee scheduling software makes it simple to create staff work schedules, fill shifts, distribute schedules, view time off, reconcile timesheets, manage shift-swapping , and improve team communication- all on a single, cloud-based platform from anywhere, at any time, on any device. It allows you to dive deeper into your scheduling process with tools and data to help prevent time theft, optimize staffing levels, control labor costs, and align labor to forecasted demand.

What Are Key Features Of Employee & Staff Scheduling Software?

The software includes several key scheduling features. Here are a few: create staff schedules quickly and easily with drag and drop functionality, view expected wage costs for every shift, schedule according to qualifications/licenses, use sales data to match staffing levels to forecasted demand, allow staff to claim and swap shifts via mobile app, and sync everything with your time tracking tool.

How Does Workforce Scheduling Software Help Reduce Labor Costs?

In so many ways. Here are a few: You can see wage costs in real-time and adjust staffing levels as needed. You can also stay on budget by viewing wage costs per team, per week, or per location. Moreover, demand-based scheduling helps you appropriately match scheduled labor to forecasted sales to make sure you are never over or understaffed. Finally, it helps you choose best-fit employees for shifts based on their hourly rates, qualifications, and overtime risk.

How Does Employee Scheduling Software Ensure Labor Compliance?

All scheduling is mapped directly to an extensive wage & hour compliance library, meaning you’ll receive alerts whenever non-compliant shifts are scheduled. Moreover, you can assign employees necessary qualifications, licenses, and certifications, meaning staff can only be scheduled for shifts they are qualified for.

How Many Employees Can You Schedule With Workforce.com?

You can schedule anywhere from 20 to 200,000 employees with Workforce.com. Small business, mid-market, enterprise - doesn’t matter, the platform can handle it.

How does Workforce.com’s Employee Scheduling Software Manage Overtime?

Managers receive alerts for when employees reach or are approaching overtime. They can also see when employees have already hit overtime while making schedules, helping them avoid overtime when possible. With One-Click scheduling, AI recognizes overtime while generating optimized schedules, limiting where and when necessary overtime occurs.

Which Types Of Employee Schedules Are Available Using Workforce.com?

Any and all types of schedules are available using Workforce.com. From strict 12-hour shift patterns to on-the-fly part-time schedules, the sky is the limit for you and your business needs.

Is There a Workforce.com Mobile App for iOS and Android?

Yes! Workforce.com features an employee scheduling app where staff can view schedules, pick up and swap shifts, and request time off.

How Do You Communicate With Employees Using Workforce.com?

Workforce.com lets managers broadcast announcements according to locations, teams, and staff so that time-sensitive information can reach the right people at the right time. Whenever an announcement is broadcasted to employees, it's pushed as a notification to the mobile app.

Does Workforce.com Integrate With My Payroll & HRIS Systems?

Yes, with ease. Workforce.com has a vast library of open API integrations with other software providers, allowing you to transfer timesheets directly to payroll, sync employee data straight from HRIS, or import sales data from POS.

How Much Does Workforce.com Cost?

$4/user per month billed annually. You have complete access to the platform and all updates with no hidden fees - because that’s how cloud-native pricing should be.

Is There Customer Support?

You’ll have access to 24/7 customer support online as well as supplemental training guides. For businesses with 500+ staff, a dedicated account manager will be provided to help work through every detail during implementation and beyond.

What Are Employee & Staff Scheduling Software Trends?

Okay, so here are a few: AI-assisted automatic scheduling is growing in popularity, allowing businesses to create perfect schedules in a single click. No call, no show numbers are dropping due to the rise of user-friendly mobile shift claiming and swapping technology. Businesses are lowering their wage costs with real-time insights on overtime, shift differentials, and sales forecasts.

Additional Resources & Reading on Work Scheduling Software?

Check out these Ebooks & whitepapers on modern scheduling solutions, watch a webinar on how to optimize your staff scheduling, or read up on the latest workforce management tips and news here.

Does this integrate with Time & Attendance software?

Yes - in fact, it’s the most important integration you can have with a scheduling tool Together, Workforce.com's scheduling and time tracking sync into a single platform. This is essential for monitoring absenteeism in real time. With time clock data constantly feeding into the scheduling system, managers can actively track time from live clock-ins, compare scheduled vs actual hours worked, and react appropriately to fill vacant shifts. Moreover, the integration increases the accuracy and detail of all generated timesheets.