Employee & Staff Scheduling Software

Schedule staff to customer demand.

Build schedules, optimize your staffing levels, manage labor costs, and ensure labor compliance in a powerful employee scheduling solution.

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Forecast expected demand

  • Leverage historical sales, foot traffic, and weather data to determine how many employees you need to schedule at a particular time, day, and location.

  • Optimize schedules to best account for staff availability and PTO.

  • Match labor costs to sales in real-time to prevent over and understaffing.

Build schedules in minutes

  • Use easy drag and drop functionality to fine-tune your scheduling needs - no more messing around with clunky Excel spreadsheets.

  • Build, save, and deploy intricate schedule templates to streamline your ongoing employee scheduling process.

  • Create schedules and populate shifts in one click with machine learning based on historical data and forecasted demand.

Reduce overtime and burnout

  • Receive alerts whenever staff are approaching or hit overtime, and adjust employee schedules accordingly to mitigate its occurrence.

  • Avoid scheduling overtime by viewing best-fit staff based on hours worked, pay rates, and employee availability.

  • Schedule all employees within their preferred hours, lowering the chance of burnout and call-outs.

Ensure labor compliance

  • Avoid compliance risks. Account for labor laws in the scheduling process -- automatically.

  • Schedule with confidence knowing break laws and minor laws from all 50 states are covered.

  • Prevent clopening shifts with built-in alerts and restrictions that prioritize labor compliance and employee satisfaction.

  • Automatically schedule shifts according to qualifications, licenses, and certifications, ensuring staff never work shifts they aren’t qualified for.

Inform staff quickly

  • Inform your team of upcoming shifts, scheduling conflicts, and any shift changes via the Workforce.com scheduling app, email, or SMS messaging.

  • Send important announcements out to employees in minutes through a single stream of communication.

  • Use custom fields to include important notes and reminders on any scheduled shift.

Fill call outs and no-shows in minutes

  • Reduce absenteeism by downsizing scheduling communication to a single source of truth.

  • Use shift replacement via mobile device to offer open shifts to available and qualified staff, and allow shift swapping between team members with managerial approval.

  • Show staff their expected wage loss so they reconsider calling out of a shift.

Real time data at the point of decision

  • Equip managers to make informed decisions. They can see wage costs mapped to sales during shifts and can adjust staffing levels as needed.

  • Stay on budget and control SPLH by viewing costs per team, per week, or per location in real time.

  • Provide instant mobile alerts to managers to combat last-minute absenteeism and overtime.

  • Check wage cost variances for potential shift replacements before committing a shift change

Identify trends in employee scheduling data

  • Create reports based on key metrics such as shift count, shift costs, scheduled hours, wage as a % of revenue, sales per labor hour, and predicted sales.

  • Analyze employee shift scheduling data based on any duration, from an entire week to a specific day.

  • Reflect your organization hierarchy in the system and create reports across unlimited custom dimensions.

Scheduling that improves your bottom line

Staff scheduling optimized for demand is key to effective workforce management. Achieve your business goals and reinforce your bottom line with a scheduling solution that delivers tangible benefits.

Reduce Labor Costs

Save on labor costs without compromising productivity. Scheduling to customer demand eliminates overstaffing, prevents unnecessary overtime, increases sales per labor hour, and lowers labor costs.

Improve Customer Experience

Optimizing your scheduling process ensures your customers are always met with the highest quality service. Improve customer experience with our platform by consistently scheduling best-fit staff, pinpointing and erasing burnout, and guaranteeing shift coverage.

360 visibility into your workforce

Get a complete view of your entire workforce with live insights and in-depth reporting, all on a single platform. View scheduling analytics and wage cost data across multiple teams and locations.

Stay labor compliant

Automate labor compliance when building work schedules. Prevent potential DOL penalties and class action lawsuits while scheduling employees, and automatically account for licenses and certifications on every schedule.

2,000 full time staff 10,000 seasonal workers

Case Study: reducing overtime
and admin work

In under a year, the Amenity Collective reduced overtime
by 50% and admin work by 85% with Workforce.com

"We are able to fill gaps in the schedule and fulfill our contractual obligations ... Workforce.com has given our teams that insight, and we've been able to meet our employees where they are."

— Adam Chen, CIO, Amenity Collective

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is employee scheduling software?

The best employee scheduling software makes it simple to create staff work schedules, fill shifts, distribute schedules, view time off, reconcile timesheets, manage shift-swapping , and improve team communication- all on a single, cloud-based platform from anywhere, at any time, on any device. It allows you to dive deeper into your scheduling process with tools and data to help prevent time theft, optimize staffing levels, control labor costs, and align labor to forecasted demand.

How much does Workforce.com cost?

To find out what will work best for your business needs, visit our pricing page to request a quote.

How does workforce scheduling software reduce labor costs?

In so many ways. Here are a few: You can see wage costs in real-time and adjust staffing levels as needed. You can also stay on budget by viewing wage costs per team, per week, or per location. Moreover, demand-based scheduling helps you appropriately match scheduled labor to forecasted sales to make sure you are never over or understaffed. Finally, it helps you choose best-fit employees for shifts based on their hourly rates, qualifications, and overtime risk.

What size businesses use Workforce.com?

While both small businesses and multinational enterprises alike use Workforce.com, our platform is best suited for shift-based organizations with 50-10,000 staff primarily within the retail, hospitality, and healthcare industries.

How does employee scheduling software ensure labor compliance?

All scheduling is mapped directly to an extensive wage & hour compliance library, meaning you’ll receive alerts whenever non-compliant shifts are scheduled. Moreover, you can assign employees necessary qualifications, licenses, and certifications, meaning staff can only be scheduled for shifts they are qualified for.

How many employees can you schedule with Workforce.com?

You can schedule as many employees as you need with Workforce.com. No matter the staff count, rest assured the we can handle it.

Is there a Workforce.com mobile app for iOS and Android?

Yes! Workforce.com features an employee scheduling app where staff can view schedules, pick up and swap shifts, and request time off.

How do you communicate with employees using Workforce.com?

Workforce.com lets managers broadcast announcements to locations and teams so that important training and policy information can reach the right people at the right time. Employees also reeive alerts on time sensitive scheduling updates such as open shifts opportunities, call-outs, new schedules, and approved PTO.

Additional resources on work scheduling software?

Check out these Ebooks & whitepapers on modern scheduling solutions, watch a webinar on how to optimize your staff scheduling, or read up on the latest employee scheduling tips and news here.

Does this sync with Time & Attendance software?

Yes - in fact, it’s the most important integration you can have with a scheduling tool. Together, Workforce.com's scheduling and time and attendance work in unison to perfectly schedule and monitor employee hours and wage costs. This is essential for monitoring absenteeism in real time. With time clock data constantly feeding into the scheduling system, managers can actively track time from live clock-ins, compare scheduled vs. actual hours worked, and react appropriately to fill vacant shifts.