Employee schedules created in minutes.

Build schedules, optimize your staffing levels, manage labor costs, and ensure labor compliance in one powerful employee scheduling solution.

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Data-driven scheduling in a few clicks

  • Workforce.com integrates with your existing systems to capture data to create cost-effective schedules.

  • Optimize your schedules according to historical sales data to determine how many employees you need at a particular time, day, and location.

  • Create schedule templates and apply them to an employee or team whenever you need them.

Take control of labor costs with real-time data

  • Equip managers to make informed decisions. They can see wage costs in real-time and adjust staffing levels as needed.

  • Stay on budget and see costs per team, per week, or per location in real time.

Quickly fill staffing gaps in case of no-shows

  • When employees aren’t able to work a shift, offer it to other staff to make sure it gets covered.

  • Managers can choose to broadcast an open shift to all available staff or offer it to select employees.

  • See costs shown against all potential swaps and stay in control of wage costs.

Inform staff quickly

  • Inform your team of new work, schedules and any shift changes via the Workforce.com scheduling app, email, or SMS.

  • Use custom fields to include reminders and other valuable information about each shift.

Identify trends in the employee scheduling data

  • Create reports based on key metrics such as shift count, shift costs, scheduled hours, wage as a % of revenue, sales per labor hour, and predicted sales.

  • Analyze employee scheduling data based on any duration, from an entire week to a specific day.

  • Reflect your organization hierarchy in the system and create reports across unlimited custom dimensions.

Proven employee scheduling software in 10,000+ staff deployments

Staff scheduling is key to effective workforce management. Our employee scheduling solution is easy to use yet filled with features for growing your business.

Give managers the right tools.

Equip managers to build shifts, stay on top of labor costs, and make quick and informed decisions for optimizing staffing levels and operations.

Avoid overspending.

Save on labor costs without compromising productivity. We make it easy to spot areas where you can potentially overspend.

Prioritize compliance.

Automate labor compliance when building work schedules. Quickly address potential violations or penalties when scheduling employees.

Ensure visibility among teams.

Avoid miscommunication by providing staff a single view of their schedule. Notify them of new schedules, shift changes, and other important information.

A two-week implementation story

Case Study: Increasing revenue

Domino’s Israel saved 25,000 hours in 6 months and increased sales per labor hour by 11% with Workforce.com.

" For me, it’s a revolution. We saw good progress in the efficiency of our stores."

— Aerie Elbaz, COO, Domino’s Israel

Integrate with your POS, payroll, and HR systems

Integrate your current tools with our system for faster, more efficient workforce management operations, while providing robust scheduling & attendance for frontline teams.

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