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Your whole employee lifecycle in one system.
No integrations needed.

Eliminate manual entry with paperless onboarding, employee self-service, and documents in the same platform as Scheduling and Payroll.

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Don't put up with a 'Frankenstein' HR system.

Most HRIS systems are not designed for shift and hourly staff. You'll typically need multiple systems to manage your workforce, and the siloed data stops you from seeing the complete picture. That's why we built our all-in-one HRIS in the same system as Payroll and Scheduling, so you can view your whole employee lifecycle with one login with no double entry.

Complete visibility into your workforce

  • All your core HR metrics and initiatives live in one system so you can build reports and workflows across the whole employee lifecycle. This means you don't have to re-enter data between systems or be at the mercy of unreliable integrations.

Get new hires working right away

  • Paperless employee onboarding lets you capture new hires' details and send the information straight into HRIS, Scheduling, and Payroll modules. Avoid chasing down missing documents at the last minute to get staff working.

Store your documents in one place

  • Important documents, e-signed contracts, and acknowledged policies are stored in a single employee profile – no more missing documents or half-signed contracts.

Customize HRIS your way

  • Custom fields, hierarchy levels, permissions, and workflows enable you to configure HRIS to how you run your workforce and not the other way around.

Act on labor insights

  • Track employee records like attendance, engagement, performance, and custom analytics in real-time so you can take immediate action. No more letting staffing issues snowball into employee turnover.

What's Included

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  • Onboarding


    Employee & Manager Self Service App

    Employee Profiles

    Team Management

    Document Management

  • Time Off & PTO

    Custom Permissions & Access

    Custom Fields


    Labor Reporting & Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does’s HRIS solution cost?

To find out what will work best for your business, request a quote via our pricing page.

What kind of integrations does have?

While we strongly recommend using for end-to-end employee management, if you need to, you can integrate with any payroll software, POS, or HCM you currently use via API. Simply import your staff list directly into; no tedious data re-entry is required!

What sized businesses typically use this HR compliance solution?

While both small businesses and midsized businesses can use, the majority of organizations who use the platform typically range anywhere from 20-1,000 staff.

How does the right HRIS software improve employee experience?

In short, by finding the proper balance between employee and HR manager responsibility. The best HRIS platform should utilize self-service features and an intuitive design to reduce the amount of friction involved in HR processes and performing duties. Easily managed HRIS data makes for simplified operations - which in turn makes workflows much easier for staff.

Are profiles directly configurable for staff members?

Yes, staff can directly edit their employee information. Things like bank details, contact information, unavailability times, personal details, emergency contacts, and more can all be configured.

Does have an app?

Yes, staff can download the mobile app for free and use it as a self-service portal to manage their employment information. They can use it for onboarding, time tracking, checking schedules, and requesting time off.

Is’s human resource information system cloud-based?

Yes, it is completely cloud-based. Securely developed in the cloud from the start, is accessible online from any device, eliminating the need for expensive and error-prone hardware.

How do I make the most of’s HRIS?

By using it as the source of truth for all your other HR software needs. From performance management to employee engagement, configure and harness employee details in’s HRIS to fuel initiatives in other areas of your people management.

How does HRIS data directly affect workforce management?

It’s the foundation to everything you do with workforce management software. Accurate employee data informs attendance tracking, shift scheduling, skills development, labor forecasting, and leave management.

Can I conduct performance reviews with

Yes, you can schedule and conduct 1-1 or 360 performance reviews using’s performance management module.

How does help me reduce manual HR tasks at my organization?

The system uses a mixture of employee self-service and real-time automation features to streamline the workload faced by HR professionals. Staff can update their details without needing to open support tickets. At the same time, HR managers can configure notifications so they never have to dig to find information on form acknowledgments, onboarding reminders, PTO requests, attendance issues, etc.

What makes different from other HRIS providers?

Well, the system is designed for shift-based hourly workers - full stop. Unlike other software solutions like ADP, Workday, or BambooHR, prioritizes user-friendly onboarding, time-tracking, and real-time reporting for peak frontline efficiency. This means the HR functions you get cater to this kind of fast-paced, no-frills environment, providing you with a rapid ROI and a more engaged workforce.

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