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Track and act on hourly staff feedback. Get 3x more responses.

Collect shift feedback via mobile app, automatically categorize issues, and develop an action plan with managers to address issues before staff quit.

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Send out pulse surveys

Design and send engagement surveys to your hourly workforce so you can identify key trends and issues impacting the frontline; this way you can act on HR initiatives to reduce things like burnout and improve employee satisfaction.

Achieve high response rates

Connect with staff where it counts: their phone. Experience survey response rates up to 90% on the Workforce.com mobile app. Use push notifications and alerts to boost engagement and capture problems in real time.

Identify engagement issues early

Collect continuous feedback from employees after every shift, so you can identify individual or team issues as soon as they happen. No more waiting for the annual survey to see what is causing turnover - address disengagement immediately.

Record & develop values

Identify and assess essential values for each team and build a values matrix for every employee to measure teamwork and soft skills. Being transparent with company values keeps staff engaged in the overarching goals of your organization.

Recognize your top stars

Give public shoutouts and reward high-performing staff to encourage better behavior, enrich company culture, and improve the overall employee experience.

"When we saw how user-friendly and flexible Workforce.com was, that's when we knew we had a good system - it’s so easy out in the field”

- Cliff Dugan, Head of Operations 12 Oaks Parking

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does Workforce.com’s employee engagement platform cost?

To find out what will work best for your business, request a quote via our pricing page.

How does an employee engagement tool improve employee well-being?

It all comes down to internal communication. Staff can complete assessments about what did and didn’t go well after every shift, and managers can send out pulse surveys regarding specific topics. Human resource managers can then act on the employee feedback they receive, improving issues in burnout, understaffing, and teamwork that could be affecting team member health and well-being.

What’s the best employee engagement software?

Well, it depends on your use case and what you need. For shift-based businesses, Workforce.com is one of the best options. Unlike other platforms, it is designed with hourly employees in mind, so it prioritizes real-time feedback, actionable insights, and customizable features while minimizing unnecessary software usage that can disrupt day-to-day workflow.

Why are survey tools necessary for employee retention?

It’s vital that HR teams capture data on employee sentiment in order to stay on top of disengagement and burnout. If these negative feelings go unnoticed, turnover is bound to happen. By engaging your workforce with surveys, management will have the metrics they need to take steps to drill down on issues and improve retention.

Can I schedule one-on-one check-ins?

While employee engagement focuses more on key features like employee engagement surveys and shift feedback, you can schedule performance reviews with Workforce.com via the employee performance management module.

Does this system integrate with other HR software?

Yes, Workforce.com has a vast library of HRIS and payroll integrations to choose from. Simply import your staff list directly into Workforce.com to start using our employee engagement solution, no tedious data reentry required!.

What kind of automation can I expect?

Well, in the simplest of terms, a whole bunch. You can easily set up shift feedback questions to appear every time an employee clocks out of a shift. HR leaders receive automatic alerts regarding survey completion, shift feedback responses, and more. You can even tell where and when issues arise across your workforce based on team, location, and individual shifts.

How does the right employee engagement software improve workplace culture?

Through things like surveys, employee rewards, wellness programs, incentives, and gamification, workplace culture can be improved company wide, throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Engaged staff are more likely to contribute positively to the workplace, in turn enhancing things like productivity, customer experience, and profitability.

Does Workforce.com have messaging functionality?

Workforforce.com has a communications module where managers can send important announcements to locations, teams, and individual employees.

Is Workforce.com cloud-based?

Yes, Workforce.com is a fully cloud-based system that you can access online via any desktop or mobile device.

What makes for an effective employee engagement strategy?

First, it takes benchmarking to see what companies with healthy cultures are doing. Then, it’s time to take action. Map out employee recognition programs, feedback loops, self-service requirements, and other initiatives you need to create a more efficient and engaged workforce. A good employee engagement program should fit seamlessly into your operations and should seek to improve how staff work, not slow them down.

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