Better labor strategy & visibility for execs. brings scheduling & attendance into one system that works for ops, HR, and management. Frontline tools help managers make scheduling decisions before incurring labor spend, and live data gives executives insight into their business ops.

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Build smarter schedules based on demand. Instantly.

With, revenue and shift data from previous weeks are used to accurately forecast upcoming demand, and build the best schedule. We make sure the right person is scheduled at the right time, automatically.

How it's better: When scheduling is done on paper or with traditional software, decisions are made by the scheduler without enough insight into operations. uses historical revenue and demand data to automatically create your schedule optimized for hourly rates and availability.


Get a 30,000 ft view of ops with custom BI reports.

When frontline teams have the right software to make the best labor decisions, it's visible all the way up to the executive level. gives management a bigger picture of ops, with real-time 'drill down' dashboards for metrics that matter most.

How it's better: There's no use rolling out software on the ground if it isn't to going help you make decisions across the board. With execs can drill down into specific locations and regions, then pinpoint reasons for going beyond budget. Understaffing might be leading to overtime, and now you can actually see it.


Make better decisions in the moment with live wage insights.

Frontline operations teams get better insights into a days work with Real time clock-in data keeps mangers in the know, while ops teams can track predicted labor costs against what's happening on the ground.

How it's better: If scheduling and attendance are managed separately, you won't have the data needed to make the right labor decisions. captures clockins with our mobile and kiosk apps, and gives ops teams live insights into whether they should call someone in, or send someone home, based on forecasted demand.


Get payroll done on time with integrations that work.

Our team of implementation engineers build and maintain our payroll & HRIS integrations. Every integration has stringent testing, performance budgets, and error monitoring, to ensure that it works when you need it most: at 4pm on pay day.

How it's better: pushes employee fields across to your payroll system every 15 minutes, and makes it easy to sync timesheets at the end of the day. We offer best-of-breed scheduling, but we know payroll is the single source of truth.

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