YourForce: A Valentine to Your Employees — and From Us

By Mike Prokopeak

Jan. 31, 2014

Where is the love? It’s a question your employees are probably asking even if Valentine’s Day isn’t looming like a giant heart-shaped cloud.

If only being your workers’ valentine was as simple as a nice note and a box of chocolates. Arguably, at no point has the employment relationship been more complex.

Many workers are looking for much more than a paycheck. They want flexibility, enticing benefits and frequent opportunities to develop their skills. In short, workers want employers to understand them — and recognition that they are more than the sum of what they do. Luckily, every day is like Valentine’s Day for employers with opportunities to show workers some love.

Every day is also a chance for us to show our readers some love. Have a story to share? Email it to us and we just might print it in the magazine.

Mike Prokopeak is Workforce's editorial director. Comment below or email Follow Prokopeak on Twitter at @MikeProkopeak.

Mike Prokopeak is Workforce’s editor in chief.

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