Workforce Management October 19, 2009

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Oct. 19, 2009

GM’s Latest Model
by Jeremy Smerd
General Motors is betting that a new company culture—one emphasizing risk-taking and independent decision-making—can help reverse its fortunes. But the carmaker has been down the culture-change road many times before.


Talent Planning for the Times
by Ed Frauenheim

After the chaotic cutting of the latest recession, many employers are looking at workforce planning software to provide more stability in meeting their short- and long-term talent needs.


An On-Demand Workforce
by Irwin Speizer

Experts are forecasting an explosion in the use of contingent labor as U.S. businesses emerge from the recession, a trend that could present a host of new issues for companies—and for HR in particular.

The Last Word
Calm, Cool Leadership
John Hollon
Weighing In on Wellness
From our readers

 Fever for Flu Shots
Amid H1N1 worries and a shortage of seasonal vaccine, employers are rushing to acquire inoculations for their workers; long-held retirement-plan strategies get a fresh look in the recession’s wake; an Indiana ruling could make employers hesitant to hire obese people; ‘stealth’ employment-law cases dot the Supreme Court’s new docket.
5 Questions: blowing the whistle at Bayer. The Hot Lists I and II: staffing companies and HRMS providers. Data Bank: health benefits on the brink.

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