Workforce Management, March 2010

By Staff Report

Mar. 1, 2010


A Bitter Pill
by Jeremy Smerd
  How Massachusetts’ health care mandate has forced many low-wage workers into a no-win financial situation—and how it offers important lessons for national health reform.


SPECIAL REPORT—HR Outsourcing: Engaged, and at Your Service
by Ed Frauenheim

  As clients seek greater efficiency and innovation in HR outsourcing, vendors are striving to build a more engaged workforce that not only provides great service, but generates smart ideas.


 The Last Word
Divorced From Reality
John Hollon
Costly Labor
From our readers

   Gossip’s Toll on the Workplace
A study highlights how office trash talk can hinder a person’s ability to manage others, destroy camaraderie and fuel increased turnover; No Mere Perk: Flex-Work as a Strategic Tool; Suicides Spur Management Shake-Up at France Telecom; Relocations Hit Record Low in Latest Quarter. 5 Questions: World-Lagging Morale in the U.S. Legal Briefings: Worker Said to Lack ‘Prettiness’ for Job; Overtime Pay Exemption Considered. The Hot List I and II: Large- and Mid-Market HRO Providers. Data Bank: Payback Time


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