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Workforce Management, August 2010

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Aug. 9, 2010


Service Surge
by Ed Frauenheim
  American Express revamps its people management approach and gives call center representatives more latitude as part of a quest to upgrade customer service.


Special Report on Health Care Benefits: Butting In 
by Charlotte Huff

  More employers are hitting workers in the pocketbook by adopting financial penalties to curb risky behaviors or using incentives to encourage healthy habits. Experts say careful program design is key to avoiding legal and privacy issues.


 The Last Word
Our new mission at Workforce Management
Ronald J. Alsop  
Analyzing the ‘quality of fill’ recruitment metric
From our readers

   Appealing to Workers’ Civic Side
Firms find that participating in service events not only burnishes their image in the cities where they do business, but also helps improve employee morale, recruitment and retention; College Career Centers Adapt to Tough Times; Focusing Knowledge Retention on Millennials; New Potential in Reach for Succession Technology; Post-Recession Incentives: Kudos vs. Cash. The Hot List: Health insurers. Data Bank: Mitigating Job Loss


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