Workforce Management August 17, 2009

By Staff Report

Aug. 18, 2009

Relaunch at NASA
by Bridget Mintz Testa
As the U.S. transitions to a new spaceflightprogram, the agency must figure out thetalent and skills it needs to hold on to andwhich people it can let go.


by Jeremy Smerd

Weight-focused health policy can merely end up penalizing obese workers and adding to the stigma of being severely overweight. But some employers are taking a more thoughtful approach to the emotionally fraught issue in attempting to improve workers’ health and reduce medical costs.

The Last Word
Woman’s Work?
John Hollon
‘Passive’ Price
From our readers

 Outsider Thinking for GM HR
Automaker names engineering exec HR chief, signaling new direction for firm’s people practices; recessionary cutbacks spare flex programs as lawmakers mull legislation; riot and death of a steel plant manager highlight perils of business culture; following deep cuts in staffing, firms turn to outsourcing to fill the void. 5 Questions: passive HR in acquisitions. The Hot List: health insurers. Data Bank: minimum living.

July 20, 2009

June 22,  2009

May 18,  2009
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