Who Has a Recipe for Developing Decision-makers?

By Staff Report

Jan. 25, 2013

Dear The Future Is Now:

Finding superior performers is a challenge for any organization, especially at the executive level. There are many factors to consider, so we have highlighted some key steps to take when engaging in an executive-level candidate search:

Define and understand both the organization and job. Talk with members of the executive team to define and identify the key accountabilities for the job.

Once you identify the key accountabilities, prioritize them in order of importance as it relates to the company and the job. Now the executive team can look at key accountabilities for knowledge, hard skills, soft skills, intrinsic motivators and behavior.

From this process, you can develop interview questions that specifically relate to the above key accountabilities. Before you advertise, the executive team should fill out an ideal candidate form. It’s very important that you let the data determine your decision and make sure you aren’t guided by emotions.

The person you hire should fit the criteria you identify for the ideal candidate.

SOURCE: Bill Bonnstetter, Target Training International, Scottsdale, Arizona

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