Staffing Management

TOOL Leading After Layoffs

By Wendy Banks

Feb. 4, 2010

This 38-page e-book discusses the challenges that managers face as they try to rebuild and revitalize their workforce after a layoff. It then offers strategies for improving the post-layoff landscape of an organization. In the wake of a layoff, managers and employees have to work their way through survivor guilt, morale drops and intentional or unintentional behavior problems. The business often suffers—just at the time it most needs its productive people.

The authors write: “If you are a manager who has had to lay people off or is in the middle of a downsizing, you may be feeling that many of these factors are out of your control. You may not be included in strategy discussions or be part of building the employee communication plan. You may even feel like a victim yourself.

“But, even if much of the strategy and logistics of the layoff has been out of your control or influence, the connection you build and support you personally provide to your people in the weeks and months after the layoff will be fundamental to re-energizing your workgroup. And over that, you have a great deal of control.”

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