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Singtel Group: Optimas Gold Winner for Global Outlook

By Luke Siuty

Nov. 30, 2014

Singtel logo 2014

The proliferation of communication and mobile technologies revealed that Singapore-based Singtel Group, a communication company providing voice, data and video services to more than 500 million customers, had to find younger millennial talent with strong technical and leadership skills as well as a global mindset.

The pre-existing talent management process focused on managers, often people older than 30. During 2013, Singtel began to identify more high potentials, doubling the number of management associate positions, many of whom had potential to reach middle management level by the time they reach 30. They also created more overseas assignments to increase international exposure and promote job mobility

“Although we have always had a robust process for managing talent, this typically started when employees were in management level roles,” said Cara Reil, vice president of talent management and development at Singtel. “We realized that in order to develop talent at the pace required, we needed to identify and develop talent earlier in their careers.”

Following these initiatives to identify younger talent, a development program was implemented to accelerate their growth. Most of the learning took place on the job, giving the employees opportunities to rotate assignments and present results to senior organization leaders. Case studies on real business issues and overseas assignments aimed to provide practical experience while developing a stronger global mindset. Each person also is paired with a mentor during frequent networking events.

The initiatives achieved the primary goal of attracting new talent. A noticeable 25 percent increase in job applications poured in with a doubling of high academic achievers. All management associates received coaching. Every employee completed assessments that provided insight into their strengths and leadership competencies.

“We are very excited and honored to have won the Optimas Award. It is an affirmation that we have a viable recruitment and talent development process in place,” Reil said.

For its efforts to expand recruiting to a younger demographic across international boundaries, Singtel is the 2014 Optimas Award winner for Global Outlook.

Luke Siuty is a Workforce editorial intern. Comment below or email Follow Siuty on Twitter at @LukeShooty.

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