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May. 20, 2008

Libby’s Life in HR—So Far
by Ed Frauenheim
One of the most recognizable names in human resources, former Yahoo people chief Libby Sartain talks to Workforce Management about the field she has helped shape—and what the future might hold for it.

Caught in an Immigration Squeeze
by Mark Schoeff Jr.
Not only is a complete overhaul of immigration law a remote possibility in 2008, but prospects are dim for narrow legislation that would address employers’ needs for high- and low-skill workers.

Is it Style or is it Substance?
Stories by Ed Frauenheim.
The latest talent management products—modeled on organizational charts and baseball-card style representations of employees—certainly have an appealing look, but skeptics dismiss the software as a fad that does little to boost effectiveness.

The Last Word
Recruitment Battle Plan
John Sullivan
 In the Mail
A benefit for the wealthy
From our readers

 Banking on a New Culture
CEO of struggling Citigroup calls for a more collaborative environment, which may require major changes in HR. At War Over Training Grants: Democrats say the Labor Dept. undermines worker training programs. Prying Eyes Meet Sensitive Data: UCLA is just one example of workers breaching confidential documents. Excelleration: HP’s purchase of EDS might be just the thing for EcellerateHRO. 5 Questions: Peter Cappelli on talent. Legal Briefing: NLRA; harassment. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: Prescription benefit managers. Data Bank: Accelerated globalization.

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