Is Emotional IQ Reliable?

By Staff Report

Sep. 2, 2015

Dear Intelligence Report,

Emotional intelligence is a part of a person’s potential to be a success at work, but it would not be correct to say it is everything. It is just as important to ensure they are a good match for the job, understand how to communicate with others, are managed appropriately, etc. The whole person/job approach is necessary, and EQ is a component of that.
That said, EQ levels provide tremendous value and insight into a person’s ability to thrive in the modern workplace.
First, let’s breakdown what EQ is and how it should be used to assess individuals. EQ looks at a person’s ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.
Research is mounting to show people who possess high levels of EQ are more successful and assured leaders. A recent Harvard Business Review article cited that nearly 85 percent of new jobs require collaboration. Another study from the Center for Creative Leadership analyzed data from more than 6,700 managers in nearly 40 countries and found empathy is positively related to job performance. Collaboration and empathy are both considered when measuring EQ.
At TTI Success Insights, we’ve seen evidence of individuals with high EQ do great things — build efficient teams, mitigate conflict and create a culture of mutual trust and respect. But these high EQ individuals likely have other factors working in their favor, too, that tell a fuller story of their leadership success. In addition, I would bet their skills are being appropriately recognized, their talents are a fit for the job and their stress levels are within normal ranges.
In the end, while high levels of EQ alone probably aren’t enough to determine if a person will excel at work, it definitely is an important component, especially if that person is on a leadership track. Measure the whole person, along with his or her EQ, to gain a full picture of their potential to succeed at work.

SOURCE: Bill J. Bonnstetter, TTI Success Insights and Target Training International, Ltd., Scottsdale, Arizona.

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