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Inflection: Optimas Silver Winner for Recruiting

By Lauren Dixon

Nov. 22, 2015

When Inflection, a small tech company, wanted to gain the top talent available in the technology industry, it had to compete with many big names in Silicon Valley.Optimas 2015: Inflection

So Inflection went straight to the source of new talent: universities. When it sought to hire 11 people in 2011, the company hoped to gain newly educated talent that works hard. After rebranding its university recruiting, putting in time at career fairs and staying at various colleges to get coffee with prospective job candidates, the hard work paid off.

2015 Optimas AwardsNow in its fourth year, Inflection’s University Recruiting Program brings in between 11 and 18 recent college graduates per year. Now, 40 percent of Inflection’s team of 200 employees was recruited straight out of a college or university.

But this wasn’t part of the company’s original plan. The workforce now values diversity, data-driven success and modesty, which Inflection has adapted to through changes in culture and business processes.

For its university recruiting efforts, Inflection is the silver 2015 Optimas Awards winner for Recruiting.

Lauren Dixon is a senior editor at Workforce.

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