Creating Harmony of Technology to Drive an Exceptional Candidate Experience

By Staff Report

Oct. 15, 2012

The fast growth of social networking is not just a social phenomenon it’s a catalyst for significant change in recruiting and hiring. The old paradigm of an ATS ‘box’ won’t work to harness this explosion of social data and the vast opening of doors between people. Further, data and communications must flow seamlessly between the recruiter, the hiring manager and the job seeker—and the experience needs to be positive for everyone.

Just as important, job seekers have greater access to relevant opportunities. Therefore, it is critical to create the right experience for your candidate from day one. Harmonious systems, workflows and communications translate directly to more amenable candidates, more satisfied hiring managers, happier recruiters and time and cost savings for the organization.

In this webinar:

  • Best practices for building an outstanding candidate experience
  • Tips for creating a positive user experience
  • The value and benefits of employee referral programs
  • How the right technology can create a better experience for both the user and candidate

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