Best Practices in Training and Development (March 2013)

By Staff Report

Mar. 1, 2013

Your organization’s employee training and development is critical — and directly impacts the customer experience. Download Best Practices in Training and Development to discover new ways of approaching training and development that will not only directly impact your customer experience, but also your bottom line.

Written by industry experts, the Best Practices in Training and Development white paper includes the following topics:

  • Developing Customer-Centric Employees to Enrich Your Customers’ Experience. Customer experience is a critical competitive business strategy, and with good reason. Companies like Apple and Starbucks have proven that a great experience will keep customers coming back, even when prices are at a premium. This paper teaches strategies to raise the bar for your company and stay in the game.
  • The Importance of Veterans in Your Ranks. More than the “right thing to do,” veterans are employees who can strengthen your leadership pipeline. Many veterans are in positions that don’t take advantage of the very skills most businesses say they need most today. Read this white paper to identify very sought-after skills that are right at your fingertips.
  • Managing Perfectionism in the Workplace. Every office has at least one perfectionist — that person who clings to rules and procedures and expects everyone to follow his or her lead. This white paper delves into best practices to manage and harness a perfectionist employee’s positive characteristics, creating an effective environment for everyone on the team.

Download the Best Practices in Training and Development white paper today! It’s FREE; all you have to do is register.

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