Workplace Culture

A New Beginning

By Norm Kamikow

Jan. 14, 2013

With every end comes a beginning. It’s one of those powerful and persistent rhythms that drive our lives.

As individuals, each day ends with a well-deserved rest to prepare us for the beginning of a new one. In business, each quarter ends with an earnings report and renewed guidance for the next one. And every New Year’s Eve, we usher out the old year with a celebration and reflection and welcome a new one filled with possibility and renewed ambition.

The new year brings a new beginning of sorts for Workforce, a journey I look forward to sharing with you, the publication’s readers and supporters.

In January, MediaTec Publishing Inc. acquired Workforce from Crain Communications Inc. It marks the fulfillment of a personal and professional ambition for MediaTec with the addition of one of the most accomplished publications in the human resources industry.

For more than a decade, MediaTec has served the human capital management industry as one of the nation’s leading multiplatform media companies. The three award-winning magazines in our Human Capital Media Group—Chief Learning Officer, Diversity Executive and Talent Management—are widely recognized as the premiere resources in their respective industry segments. Our collective ambition is to deliver the most comprehensive perspective on human capital strategy and management to our readers and community.

With the addition of Workforce to the Human Capital Media Group portfolio, we now provide thought leadership, strategy, news, education and analysis across the entire hire-to-retire spectrum of human capital management from the C-suite to the front lines.

But Workforce is not just another magazine in our portfolio. Now in its 91st year, the magazine holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and longest continuously published business magazines in the United States. From its beginning as The Journal of Personnel Research and continuing through its evolution into today’s rich multimedia magazine and website, Workforce‘s timely, news-driven coverage of key business stories for HR has garnered award after award.

We recognize that rich history and legacy and bear a responsibility and duty to you as the reader to not just continue it, but to grow it. And as part of the Human Capital Media Group, we feel we have the ideal position to do so. Workforce is a perfect complement to our three magazines, delivering exactly the kind of practical information and tools organizations of all sizes need to execute strategy and effectively manage their workforce on a daily basis.

As excited as we are to add Workforce to the Human Capital Media Group, we are equally thrilled to welcome the staff to our family. As the saying goes, people are an organization’s most important asset, and we’re honored that this talented, dedicated group of people are beginning this new journey with us.

As you read Workforce, I know you get a very real sense of all the hard work, expertise and determination the editors and people behind the scenes put into everything they do. We have been fans of their work for years and look forward to working with them as colleagues.

Finally, I’d like to recognize and thank Crain Communications Inc. for its role in making Workforce what it is today. You will not find a better media company out there. As for Human Capital Media, we will continuously push further, try harder and do more through our magazines, electronic media, research initiatives, industry benchmarking programs and conferences and events to better serve our readers.

Thank you for supporting Workforce, and we look forward to earning your continued loyalty and trust. We are determined to make it an even more valuable and indispensable tool that you can use every day to accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Norm Kamikow is MediaTec’s president and Workforce’s editor-in-chief. Comment below or email

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