HR Administration

2017 Game Changer: Sony Mehta

By Camaron Santos

Jun. 26, 2017

In less than two years at TRL Krosaki Refractories Ltd., Sony Mehta has been named a people and organization development practitioner and has implemented different transformational projects to manage transactional HR activities. Before joining TRL Krosaki, Mehta set off HR initiatives as a strategic HR partner and executed best practices to align the objectives of the organization.

Within a year, Mehta has made many contributions to the field of talent management, including but not limited to overhauling the performance management system, streamlining the recruitment process and introducing talent assessment tools for leadership development, just to name a few.

Mehta, 34, now primarily works with strategic HR, encompassing both short- and long-term HR planning; organizational restructuring; leadership development; design of career and succession planning; and driving diversity initiatives and automating HR processes.

Workforce Game Changer 2017 LogoAs her colleague explained, Mehta has a firm focus on striving toward excellence and has been an enthusiastic and passionate leader whose ability to quickly and decisively offer solutions to new challenges makes her a valued game changer in the workplace. She plays a pivotal role in implementing innovative HR practices and intends on adding new dimensions to TRL Krosaki’s existing HR systems year after year.

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