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2017 Game Changer: Jonathan DeGraff

By Lauren Dixon

Jun. 26, 2017

Jonathan DeGraff is a model for transformation in the HR function, wrote Nicholas Campagna, regional HR manager at IBM, in his award nomination.

DeGraff’s accomplishments at IBM have been large and varied, including leading a successful employee engagement program, adopting social technologies to advance business, leading an executive shadow program and recruiting at Cornell University. A particularly notable HR intern program he led saw a record 86 percent job offer acceptance rate.

Workforce Game Changer 2017 Logo“Jonathan continues to have a significant impact on our company and our industry, and his innovations in workforce management make him a true game changer,” Campagna wrote of DeGraff, 34.

Laura Casale, program manager for IBM’s Global General Manager and HR Leadership Development Programs, echoed those sentiments.

“Everything Jonathan does at IBM is on a large scale and makes a great impact,” she wrote.


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Lauren Dixon is a senior editor at Workforce.

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