2015 Game Changer: Stephanie Bloom

By Rick Bell

Jul. 26, 2015

There are few organizations more critical to the safety and security of the United States than the Department of Homeland Security. Stephanie Bloom has played a vital role in the department maintaining an engaged workforce — mission-critical to the success of the department’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency’s Office of Field Operations. -

Bloom, 33, authored the first Office of Field Operations Human Capital Strategic Plan to help organizational leaders foster employee engagement and empower the workforce of some 28,000 people. The plan was the first step in a long-term plan to attract and retain a talented workforce.

Bloom told senior leadership that a results-driven,
engaged and empowered workforce needs to be developed, nurtured and trained. She pointed out that systemic changes must take place if change were to occur in the organizational culture.

“Her strategic thinking, dynamic leadership and ability to execute difficult tasks with limited resources is something the American taxpayer expects of young leaders in U.S. Customs and Border Protection,” wrote Diane Williamson, senior project manager at Constellation Inc.

Rick Bell is Workforce’s editorial director. For comments or questions email

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