2015 Game Changer: Adam Robinson

By Amy Whyte

Jul. 26, 2015

CEO and entrepreneur Adam Robinson is changing the way employees are hired. After co-founding recruitment process outsourcing firm Illuma in 2004 at age 29, Robinson set out to launch a new company that would help growing businesses make better hiring decisions. The result was Hireology, a data-driven approach to hiring and selecting job candidates. Robinson’s patented system takes managers through every step of the hiring process, taking care of everything from pre-hire assessments to background checks to compensation analysis.Robinson

Now 38, Robinson has led Hireology to tremendous success: The Chicago-based firm has seen a reported year-over-year growth of more than 300 percent and has been lauded as one of the city’s most innovative companies. As chief “hireologist,” Robinson takes the entrepreneurial spirit seriously by taking on leadership roles at the Entrepreneurs Organization, which is designed to enable leaders to learn from each other.

 Amy Whyte is a Workforce editorial intern. Comment below or email Follow Workforce on Twitter at @workforcenews.

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