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The 10th Nominee for the ‘Worst Employer of 2017’ Is … Guess Who?

By Jon Hyman

May. 18, 2017

Let’s play a game. Close your eyes and imagine. Imagine you’re the CEO of a company.

And let’s also imagine your VP of HR is investigating a former executive of the company (who happens to be close friend and confidant of yours) for illegal or unethical conduct. And imagine that you privately ask said VP of HR, on the down-low, if maybe he can give your good-guy buddy a pass and end his investigation.

Also imagine that despite your plea, the VP of HR continues his investigation, undeterred and unabated, and within months, you decided to fire him. Not only do you fire him, but you do so for reasons that have shifted and changed over time, and, after which you admit to others that you fired him to stop the investigation.

Now, replace “CEO” with President Donald Trump, “VP of HR” with James Comey, and “former executive” with Mike Flynn. What, you’re surprised?

Folks, if you (allegedly) obstruct justice by (allegedly) interfering with an FBI investigation by using your presidential office (allegedly) to ask (subtly or otherwise) the FBI director to shelve said investigation, and nearly three months later you fire said FBI director under (allegedly) less that up-and-up circumstances, you might be the worst employer of 2017.

(Trump supporters, the comment box is below; don’t worry, I have a thick skin.)

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