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Domino’s is a global pizza company that embraces and uses technology to make daily operations smoother. Today, Domino’s Israel is working with to stay on top of their labor costs, make data-driven decisions, and improve their customer service.

Products used

  • Scheduling
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee App
  • Shift Replacement


    Domino's Israel needed a solution that will equip them to manage their workforce more efficiently. It's crucial to have a platform that will help them manage increasing staff count and adapt to labor cost changes. With different locations across Israel, they also needed a platform for staff and franchisees to access anytime, anywhere.


    • Efficiently forecast staffing needs and identify peak hours in a shift
    • Provide a uniform view of staff schedules across all members of the team
    • Enable optimisation to better adapt to wage and labor changes


    Domino's Israel started implementing in 2018, running a pilot between December 2018 and February 2019. A full rollout of the system to 45 stores was completed in three weeks following the pilot.

    “For me, it's a revolution. Implementation was very good, and in two weeks we have trained everyone [to use the platform]. We saw good progress in the efficiency of our stores.

    - Arie Elbaz - COO, Domino's Israel


    Domino's Israel are becoming more technical in their operations compared to competitors. With, they save immense labour costs which gives them an advantage and enables them to dedicate time and capital on areas that align with their strategy. Here’s how helps them achieve their goals:

    25,000 hours saved from January to June 2020

    Domino’s Israel does more with less as they save 25,000 hours across 42 locations in six months.

    Dropped wage costs from 33.5% to only 29.5% of revenue

    Because they improved workforce optimization, Domino’s Israel also saved in labor costs.

    Increased sales per labor hour by 11%

    Domino’s Israel is also having more profitable shifts as they make better sense of their operational data.