Proactive profitability

Businesses use because they want to make the right scheduling decisions before it costs them money. We help our customers reduce labor spend, and in turn increase profitability across their business. It's as simple as that.


Businesses wanted to focus on improving profitability, but so much of their time was spent on manual administrative work.

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Increasing profitability

Reducing labor spend before it happens

Attendance reporting & scheduling

Lacking integrations

Manual payroll work

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Payroll took hours every week. Tracking overtime spend across teams meant reaching out to locations, getting their actual attendance data, and manually collating it.

All this work and they were still looking at labor spend after it had happened. Was this helping them increase profitability? Nope. Here's what they said about it:

"We were piecing together the clock-in clock out from out POS system…to pull all the data together, and sort it all out, was just costing me time."

— Dickie O'Reilly, Managing Partner, Spyder Suft Shop

"We were in a world of tracking through spreadsheets, post-it notes, and text threads. It was highly inefficient, it was highly frustrating for our staff."

— Eric Parrie, CEO, COVIDCheck Colorado<

After using

Finally, customers have the scheduling & attendance platform they need to stay ahead of labor spend — all synced to payroll & HRIS.

"It's given the team the tools they need to excel, and the tools they need to push the pace even further on delivering the most effective and equitable emergency response in the country"

— Eric Parrie, CEO, COVIDCheck Colorado

"For me, it's a revolution. Implementation was very good, and in two weeks we have trained everyone to use the platform. We saw good progress in the efficiency of our stores."

— Aerie Albaz, COO, Domino's Pizza, Israel


Smarter schedules based on demand.

With, revenue and shift data from previous weeks are used to accurately forecast upcoming demand, and build the best schedule. We make sure the right person is scheduled at the right time, automatically.


A 30,000 ft view withcustom BI reporting.

When frontline teams have the right software to make the best labor decisions, it's visible all the way up to the executive level. gives C-suite execs a bigger picture of ops, with real-time 'drill down' dashboards for metrics that matter most.


Live wage insightsto drive profitability.

Frontline operations teams get better insights into a days work with Real time clock-in data keeps managers in the know, while ops teams can track predicted labor costs against what's happening on the ground.


Payroll integrations that actually work.

Our team of implementation engineers build and maintain our payroll integrations. Each integration has stringent testing, performance budgets, and error monitoring, to ensure that it works when you need it most: at 4pm on pay day.

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