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Founded in 2007, Myhealth Medical Center has grown to over 80 practices and is staffed by 800 medical professionals including nurses, dieticians, radiologists, and physiotherapists. The entire network provides holistic care and services for up to 1.2 million patients a year.

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    Founded in 2007, Myhealth Medical Center has grown to over 80 practices and is staffed by 800 medical professionals including nurses, dieticians, radiologists, and physiotherapists. The entire network provides holistic care and services for up to 1.2 million patients a year.

    Few understand better what goes into Myhealth’s daily success than systems development manager Natasha Laidler. “Day-to-day, my job involves a bit of everything, but mainly HR-related issues,” she says.

    Laidler oversees systems training for frontline managers while simultaneously developing workforce management processes that improve clinic efficiency and employee experience. However, due to Myhealth’s large network size, it was becoming difficult for Laidler to handle the increasing amount of roadblocks and inefficiencies plaguing day-to-day operations.


    A fast-growing medical franchise, Myhealth had an opportunity to scale its operation and expand its reach even further. However, the network’s legacy workforce management system was out of date, requiring manual data entry for nearly every process and offering very little in the way of automation for basic administrative tasks. These problems were increasing network-wide labor costs and negatively impacting employee experience.

    Before using, inaccurately recorded data hindered quick timesheet processing. During clock-ins and clock-outs, employees would enter incorrect times, manually selecting the dates they were present. Additionally, any corrections to the staff schedule and timesheets had to be made during payroll processing at the end of the week—resulting in confusion and inaccuracy as employees would try to remember their clock-ins for the previous days.

    Laidler knew Myhealth needed a user-friendly and accessible way to record staff attendance. Inaccurate timesheet data resulting from inefficient attendance recording posed a significant compliance risk regarding employees being paid correctly. Beyond the risk of payroll error, Myhealth was wasting hundreds of hours in administrative work compiling and editing timesheets for all 800 employees.


    Myhealth was seeking a workforce management system that could grow and scale alongside their business – was the answer. With their new system, Myhealth experiences fast and easy timekeeping that generates error-free and compliant timesheets ready for payroll. Moreover, the software is straightforward for staff to adopt and tremendously easy to use, improving overall employee experience and productivity.

    “ is very user-friendly, so all the practice managers are able to use it very easily for scheduling and managing timesheets,” says Laidler.


    With, Myhealth successfully optimized its employee scheduling and timekeeping – this helped ensure efficient administrative practices, engaged employees, and satisfied patients. Here are some of the specific areas in which Myhealth has seen the most benefit since making the change:

    Increased employee availability

    A shift replacement feature makes it easier to fill vacant shifts. Through the app, employees may post swap requests to all staff with relevant qualifications, and pending manager approval, vacant shifts are claimed in no time.’s unavailability and PTO management provide managers a 360-degree view of when employees are available to work while they are scheduling. This visibility eliminates the potential for managers to accidentally schedule employees who are on leave.

    Reduced labor costs

    Since Myhealth can automatically generate and export timesheets now, the number of staff working on payroll for the entire organization has been reduced to just a single employee, reducing labor costs at both the individual practice level and at the head office.

    Moreover, each practice manager across Myhealth’s entire network now saves 2 to 3 hours a week in administrative work. “In terms of someone’s wage cost, that equates to about $100 per week,” Laidler says.

    Organized staff data between locations

    To keep staff information organized properly between all 80 clinics, Myhealth assigns each employee to a location in Doing this enables Myhealth to automatically apply different hourly rates and pay differentials based on these locations.

    Employees can also easily work at multiple locations, with accounting for potential schedule conflicts. HR managers don’t need to check in with other clinics first regarding schedule inconsistencies – has it covered.

    Seamless integrations provides a software system tailored to Myhealth’s specific operational needs. Through open API, it integrates perfectly with Myhealth’s existing business processes and software systems, including payroll, and ensures the fluid transfer of employee data.

    Better employee experience

    Staff members no longer need to deal with an outdated and error-prone workforce management system. With’s highly refined app, staff members are actively engaged in scheduling and timekeeping.

    The intuitive UI and functionality ensures schedules are sent on time, timesheets are accurately recorded and approved, and vacant shifts are easily claimed. Together, these efficiencies have improved staff engagement and lowered burnout across all clinics.

    Increasing workforce productivity and efficiency is directly tied to Myhealth’s commitment to its employees. A common sentiment among all clinics is that despite its size, Myhealth does not feel like a large corporate setting.

    “Our doctors are our customers—so they’re so important to our company,” says Leidler. “We focus on the doctors and our staff, to make sure everyone is happy. It’s always a good response to hear that everyone feels involved in the company.”

    Going forward, the partnership between and Myhealth continues to produce the best employee experiences, patient outcomes, and operational excellence within the healthcare industry.