Eliminate over and under staffing

Cut down on high wage costs and poor customer service by scheduling the right number of staff at every minute of every shift.

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Forecast the staff you’ll need

Use external demand data like sales, foot traffic, and weather to determine the number of staff you’ll need for proper coverage. Forecasts like these help you match staffing levels to customer demand down to the minute for every role, minimizing wasteful labor spend and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Adjust to changing demand

Track real time sales against staffing levels by role or location and notify managers when staffing ratios are breached. Adjust labor and shifts as needed and maintain your gross margins, even if your forecast falls through.

Real time alerts for staff changes

Automatically alert managers to no-shows, missed clock-outs, non-compliant breaks, and overtime so they can address staffing level issues quickly and keep labor costs low.

Backfill shifts in minutes

Alert available staff with push notifications whenever someone calls out, allowing them to claim vacant shifts in a single tap. Managers don't have to spend hours backfilling shifts, resulting in better staffing levels and better customer service.

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