The all in one workforce management solution for HR

Increase employee engagement, reduce turnover, and prevent absenteeism in your hourly workforce.

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Stop staff turnover

Collect employee feedback after every shift to identify issues before they snowball, and let employees swap shifts without sacrificing staffing levels. Engagement like this helps minimize the costs and inefficencies associated with high turnover.

Get complete visibility of your workforce - in real time

Track absenteeism, monitor breaks, and measure employee satisfaction for all teams and locations with instant notifications and a live time clock feed. Real-time visibility like this helps you identify where and when scheduling issues are hurting frontline productivity and attendance.

Stay labor compliant across all jurisdictions

With scheduling and attendance mapped to an extensive labor compliance engine, you can accurately manage minor laws, breaks periods, overtime, pay differentials, and allowances - no matter what state you’re in. Automated compliance like this prevents schedule and timesheet mistakes that could lead to costly DOL fines and FLSA lawsuits.

Ensure HR policies are followed

Schedule staff according to their certifications, and build attendance rules for employees to follow. Manage how and when HR policies are applied and prevent non-compliant schedules from being published, helping frontline managers cut down on miscommunication, absenteeism, and labor violations.

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