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YourForce: Making a Connection

By Mike Prokopeak

Jun. 4, 2014

Cleanup on Aisle Earth: In celebration of Earth Day, employees from Paragon Relocation’s headquarters in Coppell, Texas, participated in Clean Coppell, Keep Coppell Beautiful’s annual citywide cleanup event. For the fourth year, employees of the global relocation firm picked up litter and collected debris from the roadside. Pictured are Paragon Relocation’s president, Craig Selders, left, and Brian Morabito, the company’s manager of global marketing and diversified services.

As social as the work of HR is, it can still be lonely. Day in, day out, HR professionals tend to the needs of the workforce, whether it’s that new graduate with a question about benefits or the executive trying to solve a nagging performance problem.

But in all that people-centered work, there’s often little time to be with other HR people. Getting together to commiserate and innovate can be a daunting challenge.  

That’s part of the reason we started this page in Workforce. Sharing stories and getting to know each other better is at the heart of our professional growth.

It’s also a prime reason to get together at industry events such as our Workforce Live series or the annual SHRM conference in Orlando, Florida, both of which take place this month. Drop me a line at if you’ll be at either. Let’s make friends.

Mike Prokopeak is Workforce’s editor in chief.

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