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Workforce Management, June 2011

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Jun. 6, 2011


Keep in Touch
by Michelle V. Rafter
  With more workers going mobile, companies must ensure that they connect with the right talent—and stay connected.

  Special Report on Social Media and HR:
You Can’t Take It With You … or Can You?
by Ed Frauenheim 
  More employers are benefiting from a mobile workforce through improved productivity, increased employee satisfaction and reduced costs, but they also face new management challenges.


The Last Word
Fathers Figure
Ronald J. Alsop
. Feedback
The (Performance) Reviews Are In
From our readers

  When Johnny or Janey Comes Marching Home
Veterans find tough terrain getting from battlefield to chosen field; Dissident Group Sounds Off on Perceived Show Snub; Consolidation Continues in HR Software Market; Companies Offer Relief Funds for Staff Challenged by Calamities; Where to Draw the Line On Revealing Who’s Next in Line. 5 Questions With Michael Gelb: Thought Full Discussion; Names Could Play a Role in Getting Past the Gatekeeper. Legal Briefings: EEOC Issues Final Regulations for ADA Amendments Act; Labor Department’s Tipped Employees Regulation Upheld. The Hot List: E-Recruiting Software Providers. Data Bank: Women’s Pay Gap Persists


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