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Workforce Game Changers 2017: A Day in the Life

By Andie Burjek

Jun. 26, 2017

This year’s collection of Workforce Game Changers is a varied bunch. We’re shining the spotlight on people in small companies and big corporations, in local governments and media companies, in recruiting-centric roles and benefits-focused roles, and more.

Which made it all the more interesting to hear about “a day in the life” of a Workforce Game Changer. What they complete daily has accumulated over time so to construct a resume of bigger and truly impressive accomplishments.

So we asked our Game Changers to answer a simple question: What does a day in your work life look like? You’ll find some of the answers in this spread and others online at, where we’ve created a visual compilation for a number of these impressive people.

Their visions and how they came to make that difference are noteworthy. These Game Changers’ actions and strategies have had an impact on people of all walks of life. Sha’Carla Petty of East Mississippi Community College does meaningful work for the underemployed “to help them achieve their American dream.” AT&T’s Kaley Gagnon seeks to bring a diverse pool of talent into the telecommunications giant. Kristin Hamblock, who works as a benefits manager for a large Midwestern mental health treatment center Rosecrance, also is passionate about improving the well-being of the nonprofit’s own employees.

You’ll also notice that we’ve presented the Game Changers by region. Whether these Game Changers are training young adults in the South, developing unique retention programs in the West, overhauling a performance management system overseas or striving for something else entirely, they’re making the most of their days to reach their goals the world over. We’re honored to call these 25 people our 2017 Game Changers.

Congratulations to all of them.

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Andie Burjek is an associate editor at

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