Technology builds on nearly 100 years of HR research

By Staff Report

Apr. 2, 2021, the world’s oldest organization dedicated to workforce research and product leader in workforce management technology, recently announced its plans to partner with technically ambitious companies to leverage its nearly 100 years of research to build and solve new workforce challenges.

Rachael Keech, Domino’s Head of Operations Innovation, attested to labor management being one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today and Workforce’s track record. “The rate at which has worked to adapt and innovate is outstanding. They think outside the box and provide innovative operational solutions.”

“Our guiding mission is to be the industry powerhouse for workforce management research and development,” said President Tasmin Trezise. “Our company is designed to work closely with future forward organizations to prototype and deploy new and disruptive ways of solving age-old problems.” will propel groundbreaking research and development around traditional workforce management solutions such as scheduling, staffing, and time and attendance. Understanding the numerous HR problems that exist, will ambitiously undertake such challenges as accurately optimizing staffing levels and enhancing the employee experience. Auto scheduling, shift ratings and feedback are among the innovations that’s development team has already brought to market. research previously has focused on general trends and topics. Further to conducting surveys and polls to establish challenges, seeks to be results-driven, adding a development perspective to that as well. Results won’t just be whitepapers created by the research lab, but viable products that can be deployed into a company for managers and frontline staff to help solve those challenges.

“We don’t grow as organizations unless we are solving new challenges in new ways,” Trezise said. “We’re wanting to put together a more formal way of distinguishing the challenges and rapidly prototype and solve those problems. The philosophy here is to work closely with industry to imagine and build better solutions to solve the workforce problems of the future. That’s the heart of research and development.”

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