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SHRM 2018 Live Stream

By Andie Burjek

Jun. 17, 2018

Workforce is speaking to workplace experts via live stream during the SHRM 2018 conference on various HR trends, from HR certification to ACA compliance to AI & recruiting.

Have any questions you want answered from these experts or others as we cover the conference? Comment below or tweet us at the handle @workforcenews to tell us what you want to see addressed.

See our schedule below. You can tune in during our live stream or access the interviews after they’ve taken place here.

Live Stream Schedule:

Monday, June 18, 10:30 AM CT: Workforce Editorial Director Rick Bell and Associate Editor Andie Burjek give you a preview of what to expect from our conference coverage.

Monday, June 18, 11:00 AM CT: Amy Dufrane, CEO and president of HR Certification Institute, speaks with Rick Bell on HR certification.

Monday, June 18, 2:45 PM CT: Shobhit Gupta, business strategy and operations lead at recruiting technology startup AllyO, speaks to Workforce Editor in Chief Mike Prokopeak on the intersection of artificial intelligence and recruiting.

Monday, June 18, 3:30 CT: Gary Kushner, president and CEO of Kushner & Company, speaks with Andie Burjek about health care and the ACA.

Monday, June 18, 4:15 PM CT: Alex Alonso, SHRM chief knowledge officer, speaks to Mike Prokopeak to update HR professionals on SHRM certifications and testing.

Tuesday, June 19, 9:30 AM CT: Liz Supinski, director, data science at SHRM Research, speaks to Andie Burjek about SHRM’s annual benefits survey.

Tuesday, June 19, 10:30 AM CT: Jeryn Laengrich, chief service officer at Cariloop, speaks with Andie Burjek about caregiver benefits.

Tuesday, June 19, 11:00 AM CT: Author Alexandra Levit speaks to Mike Prokopeak about the technology skills gap and what employers can do.

Tuesday, June 19, 11:30 AM CT: Breanna Scott, director of product and service management, The Standard, speaks with Andie Burjek about New York state’s paid leave laws and what employers have learned.

Tuesday, June 19, Noon CT: Matthew Morris, Vice President FMLASource at ComPsych, talks with Rick Bell about FMLA, the Americans With Disabilities Act and other employment law issues.

Go here to read more of our 2018 SHRM coverage.

Andie Burjek is an associate editor at

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