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People Moves: September 2016

By Rick Bell

Sep. 7, 2016

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Fiona Laird

Newell Brands Inc. named Fiona Laird as executive vice president and chief human resources and communications officer. Laird brings extensive experience in organizational change, broad expertise in HR strategy development, talent management, organization design, and engaging employees through multiple communication channels. Laird is joining Newell after a 25-year career at Unilever.

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Margaret Callihan

SunTrust Banks Inc. named Margaret Callihan as chief human resources officer. Callihan will oversee staffing and talent management, compensation, employee benefits, HR operations and compliance, training and development and more. She was chair, president and CEO of SunTrust in south Florida and is succeeding Kenneth J. Carrig, who is retiring as CHRO.

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Ellen Shultz

The New York Times Co. named Ellen Shultz as executive vice president of talent and inclusion. Shultz will assume leadership of the global human resources team and all aspects of its operation. Schultz previously was vice president and head of HR at Media General.

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