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Optimas Award Categories

By Staff Report

Sep. 7, 2011


Each year, the Optimas Awards are given by Workforce Management to recognize workforce management initiatives that achieve business results for the organization. The application deadline for the 2011 Optimas Awards is Aug. 31, 2011. There are 10 categories:

Financial Impact 
The organization has designed a program to effect a change that results in cost savings or increased revenue.

Global Outlook
HR has created a program or strategy to help the organization succeed in the world marketplace.

The organization has developed an innovative workforce-management strategy that addresses a fundamental business issue. The innovation marks a departure for the winning company and often for the field of workforce management.

Managing Change
The organization has successfully developed a program in response to the changing business environment.

The workforce management leadership has developed or implemented a program in partnership with another constituency, either within the organization or outside of it.

Corporate Citizenship
Award is given to the organization whose corporate citizenship programs are demonstrably and successfully linked to its employee recruiting, retention and engagement goals.

Workforce management leaders have developed a program to help another constituency within the organization meet its business goals

The organization has anticipated internal and/or external trends that will affect the organization and it has responded proactively.

General Excellence
The General Excellence award is given to the organization whose workforce management initiatives have met the standards established for at least six of the other nine categories.

Competitive Advantage
The organization has developed a program to help forge or maintain a winning edge over the organization’s competitors.

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