How Do We Develop Retail Leaders?

By Staff Report

Aug. 18, 2015

Dear Keeping Up With the Times,

The answer is a resounding YES! As we’re all aware, retail customers have changed, so organizations must adapt to meet their evolving needs. Customers want to shop at their convenience — whenever they want and wherever they are — and they expect retailers to accommodate them. 

In the past, retail leaders were hired for their operational excellence and rewarded for driving sales within the four walls of the (brick-and-mortar) store they managed. Today, leadership must embrace the mindset that we want the customer to buy our brand regardless of where that buying actually takes place — in our store, on the Web, or over the phone. Retail leaders today must be customer-centric, holistic in their thinking, and able to develop like-minded teams that are resourceful, collaborative, and flexible. And finally, the organization must align rewards and recognition to support this enterprisewide thinking.

SOURCE: Henry Mueller and Karen Allinder, MHI Global, Tampa, Florida.

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