Free Software Selection Service

By Staff Report

May. 15, 2012

This service is offered to HR Tech Week attendees by Jeitosa Group International and Workforce Management.

  1. Register for and attend HR Tech Week, which is June 5-6.
  2. Complete Jeitosa’s short survey of your software requirements and priorities
  3. Based on Jeitosa’s database of industry research, you will be sent a list of vendors that match your needs.
  4. If you have questions about the service, Jeitosa staff will be available to talk at their booth in the virtual Expo Hall.

The selection service is a streamlined version of Jeitosa’s On-Demand Solution Evaluation (ODSE). ODSE, pronounced “Odyssey,” is Jeitosa’s alternative to traditional, paper-based Request for Proposal/Request for Information methods. With ODSE, Jeitosa takes organizations through a structured process, using proprietary tools and a product functionality database to automate the vendor evaluation process. Begin your software selection ODSE at the show!

To register for this free conference, click here.

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