Dear Workforce Which Questions Are Best to Ask Employees During Follow-Up Discussions About Performance?

By Staff Report

Aug. 31, 2009

Dear Solicitous:

The six-month (or three-month) meeting should just be a formalization and summary of the periodic informal follow-ups. I’d concentrate on the basics:

• Let the employee know well beforehand that the meeting is coming up and its purpose.

• Make the employee feel at ease.

• Remind the employee of what the goals are. (I presume that they are objectively measurable.)

• Review progress with objective data. You can ask the employee to gather the data and bring it to the meeting.

• Congratulate and encourage the employee on positive achievements.

• Identify areas for improvement.

• Identify roadblocks and actions needed to overcome them.

• Concentrate on the behaviors and targets, not the person’s character.

• Illustrate behaviors (wanted and unwanted) with concrete examples.

• Don’t diminish the importance of the negatives.

• Make it a two-way conversation throughout, often asking for the employee’s view before giving your own.

• Ask for feedback about your own performance as a manager.

• Be mindful of body language and “paralanguage” (how you say it).

• Remember: What you don’t say can be just as important as what you do say.

• Document the outcome and give the employee a copy.

SOURCE: Les Allan, author of From Training to Enhanced Workplace Performance, Melbourne, Australia

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