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Your time clock is better with GPS functionality

By Rick Bell

Jun. 25, 2020

A manager’s effectiveness depends on many variables.

Support from company executives is critical. Possessing the know-how to hire and retain a reliable staff is another. And having the personal attributes to interact effectively with others — the so-called soft skills such as communication, positive attitude and leadership — are absolute musts for an effective manager.

Hard skills are equally as important, and employers can clearly boost managers’ effectiveness by equipping them with the right tools to successfully supervise their teams. Provide your managers with a mobile tool that boosts their ability to know in real time that all shifts will be covered, who is scheduled for what shift and when that employee clocks in.

Scheduling concerns are a thing of the past

Mobile time clock software automates how the staff clocks in and out while improving the accuracy and efficiency of every manager. Every internet-connected device essentially becomes a time clock. No one has to touch a communal device or handle paper time cards. Spreadsheets and calculators are no longer necessary since a mobile solution streamlines cumbersome administrative tasks.

A mobile solution will:

  • Free up managers’ time.
  • Simplify scheduling by tracking attendance, paid and unpaid breaks, and time off.
  • Ensure that every shift is covered without guesswork.
  • Assure the right person clocks in for the shift.
  • Allow staff to communicate with managers and each other.
  • Integrate with other tools to manage staff. 
  • Eliminate bulky paperwork.

Target employees on the go

Your employees are checking their phones to pass the time. Whether at home or on the move, make their phones an essential work tool when it is equipped with a mobile time clock. From anywhere and at any time, a time clock app integrated with workforce management solutions authorizes your staff to check their schedule, communicate with a fellow employee about a shift swap or ask a manager for time off. More than a time clock in their pocket, the multi-tool mobile app lets employees use their phones to clock in and out and allows managers to monitor in real time where and when the punch in or punch out occurs.

Multipurpose mobile app

The best mobile clock in apps do more than merely track an employee’s work hours. Paired with a powerful scheduling tool, managers will simplify the time-consuming task of creating complicated rotating or overnight shifts. Timesheets created from clock ins can be auto-approved to relieve an overwhelmed business manager and improve an organization’s overall effectiveness.

Easing compliance concerns

Boost your managers’ effectiveness with an essential mobile clock-in tool

Sloppy recordkeeping, inaccurate payroll and incoherent time-and-attendance protocols can quickly bog down an organization with costly, burdensome compliance issues. A paper timesheet system just can’t ease those stresses compared to a mobile clock in solution, which efficiently tidies the payroll process and saves trees by eliminating the need for unnecessary paperwork.

Managers also can be assured that the right person is clocking in for the right shift through electronic photo verification and unique passcodes. The nagging problem of buddy punching is a thing of the past with photo ID verification.

Since a mobile time clock app is so easy to use, employees are helping their bosses avoid costly wage-and-hour disputes, trim unnecessary overtime and eliminate embarrassing and expensive payroll corrections. Clocking in and out is simple, as employees use their own device to tap into the app to clock in and out.

Empower your managers

Soft skills may be hard to come by but hard skills are indispensable to a manager’s ability to supervise staff. Give your managers the tools they need to manage their employees and administer digital timesheets, payroll, budgeting and labor compliance reporting. A mobile time clock app gives your managers a powerful tool that makes employee supervision a breeze.

Empower your employees

Make clocking in and out, requesting absences, viewing current and past timesheets and communicating with one another while on the go a snap for your hard-working staff. With an intuitive, mobile-first user experience, employees will find the Workforce.com Time Clock mobile app easy to use without any training.

Start tracking their time today!

Rick Bell is Workforce’s editorial director.

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