Time Clock App with GPS

Get real-time visibility on clock-ins, locations, and labor hours.

Track employee time and attendance accurately with GPS tracking and photo verification. Set up the Time Clock App on any device, automate timesheets, and process payroll in a few clicks.

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Capture accurate clock ins.

  • Eliminate buddy punching and time theft. Clock ins are done using unique passcodes assigned to each employee. The Time Clock App uses photo verification and facial recognition to ensure the right employee is clocking in.

  • Track attendance on any mobile device and record the GPS locations of employees while on shift.

  • Using geofencing and GPS tracking, define clock in areas to ensure that employees are in their designated workplaces.

Complete control and visibility over labor hours and locations.

  • See clock ins live. Receive alerts on employees coming in and who’s working where. Get notified when staff come in late or are about to go overtime.

  • Get notified when employee locations are outside of your specified geofence.

  • If an employee can’t work a shift, offer it to other members of the staff in a few clicks. See labor costs of possible replacements and stay on top of your budget.

Automate payroll processing & labor compliance.

  • Comply with labor laws with accurate clock in data. Pay your employees according to actual hours worked and labor laws that apply to their employment status and location.

  • Clock ins are automatically recorded in timesheets. Labor costs are calculated based on the timesheet and can be exported to your payroll system in a single click.

  • Timesheets that have been verified and match the schedule are auto-approved.

Time tracking minus the tedious admin.

Case Study: Payroll in 1/4 of the time.

" Being able to see who’s there, when they took their break or didn’t take the break at the right time has been a huge help. What was half a day for me, sorting out payroll is now an hour at most and a fraction of what I was dealing with before."

— Dickie O’Reilly, Spyder Surf

Integrate with your POS, payroll, and HR systems

Integrate your current tools with our system for faster, more efficient workforce management operations, while providing robust scheduling & attendance for frontline teams.

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