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Get real-time visibility into clock-ins, labor hours, and locations.

Accurately track employee hours and wages and get the drill-down data you need with easy-to-use time clock software for any mobile device or tablet.

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Clock in and out from a tablet or phone

  • Kiosk: set up an on-site tablet where employees can clock in and clock out using a pin number and photo identification.

  • Mobile App: employees can clock in and out of shifts, take meal breaks, request time off, check schedules, and approve time cards - all right from their personal IOS and Android devices.

  • No connection? No problem. Workforce.com stores all time punches offline, syncing them once connection is restored.

Track hours, pay, and attendance

  • Capture accurate time, every time. Automatically record work hours online as employees punch in and out.

  • Track attendance metrics from your web browser or phone. Keep a record of tardiness, absences, early clock-outs, sick leave, and PTO.

  • No more manual calculations - immediately know how much you owe staff based on pay rates, hours worked, roles, and overtime.

Verify locations with GPS functionality

  • Workforce.com captures in-the-moment GPS location data with every clock in/out, verifying team members are starting and ending work where they should be

  • Keep mobile time punches on-site. Set clock in/out perimeters at the workplace or on the job site with geofencing technology.

Monitor attendance with a live time clock feed

  • See in real-time where and when employees clock in and out for every team, in any location.

  • Always know who’s on the clock - and who isn’t. Receive alerts for absenteeism, tardiness, missed breaks, and no-shows.

  • Monitor meal breaks to make sure employees are taking them in accordance with company policy and state labor laws.

Automatically stay compliant

  • Store timesheets securely to maintain a paper trail, protect against audits, and comply with FLSA record-keeping standards.

  • Get notifications whenever an employee reaches overtime, and see those hours immediately reflected on timesheets.

  • Follow minor laws, break penalties, maximum hour laws, Fair Work Week, and more with a time clock mapped to an extensive labor compliance engine.

Process payroll faster

  • Generate electronic timesheets as employees clock in and out, and export them to your payroll system in minutes.

  • Managers and employees can review and request edits to timesheets, catching errors before they reach payroll.

  • Save time with timesheet auto approvals. Automatically verify timesheets that match the schedule and highlight those that need attention.

Do more with time clock software made for frontline efficiency

Eliminate Time Theft

Verify clock-ins with photo IDs, pin codes, GPS location, and biometric facial recognition to reduce buddy punching and maintain data integrity.

Improve Employee Experience

Combine a streamlined interface with robust user self-service to make clocking in and out the easiest part of an employee’s day.

Increase Managerial Visibility

Empower managers with the ability to see live employee attendance, wage cost, and time clock data across multiple teams and locations.

Reduce Payroll Errors

Timesheets are automatically generated and reviewed daily, minimizing human error and catching wage and hour mistakes before payroll is run.

"With Workforce.com, you just have two steps: download, clock in. The simplicity for the end-user has helped us focus more on the backend, streamlining operations immensely."

— Anne Daniel, GreenForce Staffing

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I track time for employees?

To do this, you’ll need to utilize a systematic recordkeeping method of your choice. You could ask your employees to fill out paper spreadsheets at the end of the pay period from memory, get a punch card machine, invest in an on-premise legacy system, or, you could use a cloud-based time clock system available on any smartphone or tablet. All of these options allow employees to record their own time for managers to collect and pay out accordingly. However, only cloud-based time clock apps like Workforce.com eliminate calculations, automate timekeeping, and give live insights into labor costs and attendance.

What is an employee time clock?

An employee time clock is either a machine or a piece of software that records employee work hours. At its core, a time clock simply helps businesses keep track of how much they owe their employees in wages based on hours worked. More advanced time clocks take things a step further by utilizing GPS technology, syncing with online schedules, and increasing profitability.

How do I track overtime accrual?

Tracking overtime can be tricky without the right time clock in place. If done manually, you’ll risk making an error which could lead to costly lawsuits and back pay issues. It’s best to have a time clock system that knows exactly when an employee reaches overtime. Automated time clock software keeps track of all overtime hours, accurately reflecting overtime rates on electronic timesheets.

How do I manage employee lunch breaks?

Employees value their free time, so it’s important to get it right. Workforce.com lets employees temporarily clock out using a “break” button. These break times, as well as missed breaks, are then properly reflected on timesheets. Managers can also view breaks in real-time and get alerts on missed breaks all from the live time clock feed. Check out our article on lunch breaks for more information on how to manage them.

How does Workforce.com's employee time clock improve workflow?

Workforce.com’s time clock app has a user-friendly interface designed to make clocking in and clocking out simple. With a quick selfie and finger tap, staff can start work immediately. What’s more, both employees and managers alike can review and edit timesheets easily and on a daily basis - this catches errors before the pay period ends, speeding up pay run behind the scenes.

What is the best time clock software?

While there are many good options for online time clocks out there, such as Homebase, Quickbooks, ADP, and Paychex, only Workforce.com offers the widest range of automation and functionality. From small businesses to multinational organizations, Workforce.com is best in class for tracking hours, improving frontline efficiency, and providing customer support. And the best part about Workforce.com’s time clock? It comes with a full suite of workforce management solutions. Employee scheduling, attendance tracking, labor forecasting, compliance, communications, and more are all synced perfectly with the time clock system. Even better, Workforce.com fits into your existing suite of software services perfectly, boasting a wide range of HR and payroll integrations.

Does a time clock app account for paid time off?

Absolutely. Employees can request time off over the Workforce.com app, and these hours are then reflected on timesheets at the end of the pay period.

How much does Workforce.com's time clock cost?

Visit our pricing page to get a quote from one of our team members.

Why is employee time tracking important?

Having a time tracking app that records employee hours is important for a couple of reasons. For one, it keeps employees happy by ensuring they are paid correctly for their time. It is also important for helping a business maintain comprehensive wage and hour records as required by the FLSA. Keep in mind, it's also wise to have comprehensive attendance software synced with your time tracking software, as it provides enhanced visibility into tardiness, overtime, and labor costs.

Where can I find additional resources on time clock apps and workforce management?

Check out the latest workforce management news on our blog, watch a webinar, or read one of our many whitepapers!

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