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90 Years of Insight

By James Tehrani

Feb. 22, 2012

Welcome to Workforce Management‘s 90th-anniversary website. We are excited to bring you the stories, images and content related to the workforce of the past, and hope you’ll be able to use that information as you lead your workforce into the future.

Starting with the 1920s, each month Workforce will look back at a certain topic from a particular decade and then offer insight into what’s going on in that area today. You will also find interviews here with some of the people and companies that helped shape the modern workforce as well as images so you can “see” history through our photo galleries.

Finally, Workforce is dishing out two March Madness-like bracket challenges—the Workforce Impact and Pop Culture tournaments—which are scheduled to launch on March 19. There, you’ll be able to vote on the people, places, events and pop culture topics that had the biggest impact on workforce management in the past 90 years. Thanks for checking out the site. Enjoy.

James Tehrani is copy desk chief at Workforce Management. To comment, email

James Tehrani is the director of content strategy at FlexJobs.

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